Thursday, February 23, 2012

roses never fail

-essie's "play date" (2 coats) I loveeee this polish!
-spoiled's "jewelry heist" glitters on all fingers
-orly's "ancient jade" on ring finger
roses I used orly's "fancy fuchsia," opi's "mod about you" & opi's "jade is the new black"
-topped off with seche vite!

today is a GOOD day :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"a cut above"

Essie's glitter polishes are a HIT! love them! did a NOTD.

two coats of Essie's "demure vixen"

one coat of Essie's "a cut above"

one coat seche vite. quick, simple, easy, NO mess.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

notw: triple dots

did a quick NOTWeekend and came up with this!

excuse the half ass painting job, I was crunched on time and my T&B was drying out a bit.

Essie's "topless and barefoot" and "power clutch" alternating the colors and dotting the dots with dotting tools. it's simple and quick and looks appealing :)

happy weekending!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

little things that bring joy

hello kitty limited edition oil blotting sheets!

whoo hoo!!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

return of the cupcake

another valentine's NOTD. sorry I havnt been blogging as much lately, I've been busy with school and life and always on instagram instead lol username: supergiang

here's something I did really quick

-Essie's "play date" from spring 2012, the formulation and color is ajialsnkekeje!! loveeeee it so much!
-orly's "fancy fuchsia"
-opi's "mod about you"
-Sally hansen's "timeless white"
-black nail art thing
-seche vite

two coats "play date"

orly's "FF" for cupcake holder

and went crazy with the nail art brush and ta da!

hope you liked!

have you gotten your girl scouts cookies?!?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

been really into...

loose, semi sheer blouses! different colors, different prints, material, can be dressed up or down...I love it!

also into "7 leaves tea" organic bar with honey boba goodness. it's not as flavorful as other places, but you can taste the FRESHNESS. three times in two days lol

jasmine milk tea & Mung bean milk tea goodness with honey boba.

sugarcane juice with kumquat and herbal tea with grass jelly.

regular milk tea with boba & more Mung bean milk teas.

mmmmm mmm gooood!
happy valentines weekend, loves!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

had some free time

so I doubled up on valentine's day nail arts! i doodled really quick cause it's getting late and my stack of studies is making me anxious. here's a few!

opi's "alpine snow" for base
essie's "wAtermelon" for heart monitor waves
seche vite to top off

Sally hansen's "timeless white" for tips
china glaze's "fairy dust" all over
opi's "big apple red" for hearts

the end!
I have so many ideas lined up for the following days! hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

valentine's day nails #1

I'm going to try to do a different vday inspired nailart per day until vday next week! I love anything with hearts in it so this is perfect!

china glaze's "ruby pumps" and opi's "mod about you" on ring finger. drew XO with a brush and attached rhinestones. H stands for huge ahhaha Jk, stands for Hieu. :)

burning with passion...


Sunday, February 5, 2012

milani 2012 jewel FX

my heart skipped a beat when i saw this on NOUVEAU CHEAP's new blog post!

i adore the FX that milani has released last year and am looking foward to these babies.
check out her blog for full pictures!


Friday, February 3, 2012

weekend nails

wanted something bright and fresh for this weekend so I pulled out china glaze's "peachy keen." it's a little hard to work with since it's thick, but two coats later it's a gorgeous shade of pale orangey, coral.

"peachy keen" and essie's "set in stones"

nothing like the feeling of opening a new bottle of seche vite, so smooth and liquidy, makes my day! lol

the original picture without editing.

hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


opi's designer series "coronation"

three coats, easy to apply, no mess. I'm in love with how it sparkles, Opi's designer series is brilliant!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

instant ramen

for my ladies who like to eat ramen...instant ramen LOL I told you this was going to be quick, but it's super delicious!

my favorite brand of instant ramen

a boiling pot of water, the same amount of water to fill this bowl...put the ramen in a swirl around.

add one or two eggs to the mixture depending on your preference.

I like to add "cha" (Vietnamese ham) into it at the end. you usually find this meat in banh mi, but it really taste good with anything that needs meat.

veggies added at the end, also. I think enoki mushrooms would be delicious with it, too.

at the very end add the bag of spices that comes with the ramen, it's better to add at the end because if you add at the beginning and the soup is boiling it'll become extra salty by the time you're done.

to garnish with a few piece of dried seaweed!

and you're done! quick, easy and tasty!