Tuesday, January 31, 2012

make up addict issues

I thought about this long and hard since it came out a while ago and saw it premiere today at ulta and knew I had to. too pretty to resist. naked 2, welcome home, please enjoy your stay with your sisters and cousins and distance cousins lol

perks of ulta? after spending a few times I always get points to get $10/$20 off my next purchase or a free haircut :) I'll take the $20 off! another naked 2? ahhahaha jk.


Monday, January 30, 2012

opi's "got a date to-knight"

still my favorite after all these years. easy, breezy, three coats later...


HELLO KITTY cake pops

i spent the evening with bubs and my sister and parents baking cake pops that i saw from bakerella! 
they took 3 hours to bake, roll and prepare then we got sleepy at 1 am and popped them in the fridge and finished dipping and decorating them the next day. the only thing i would've done differently was not waste money buying the nestle toll house white chocolate (this does not melt correctly) LOL using the melt chips from michael's arts and craft store works a lot better! they have the best range of baking supplies and the chips comes in every color, next time i will try making regular cake pops with chocolate outsides and coconut/peanut toppings!

here are some pictures of the process, you can view bakerella for full info.! she's amazing!

candy melt, if you're melting in microwave instead of double boiler, melt a little bit at a time to avoid burning lol

my sister's "pedo" bear LOL

bubs was super skilled at rolling even balls ahahah

our leftover batter we had fun with

next time, i need yellow candy buttons for the nose or yellow icing pen

best looking out of the whole batch


cake pan my sister got from michael's!

if you're ever bored and have an itching to bake...don't do these ahahahha JK! it wasn't that bad, overall a fun experience, but i think i'll stick to cooking from now on and bake only when needed!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

magnetix "attraction"

after painting, wiping and magnetizing the same finger for about 10 tries it finally came out half decent! china glaze's magnetix nail polish in the color "attraction" a graphite gray.

I found that painting one thick coat then center the magnet to the center of the nail bed holding very still and steady for 15 seconds gave the best results. I did this on my knee for leverage and to keep everything resting and steady.

plain polish, two coats.

alternated the magnets, the star was the hardest!

I've been seeing this trend of polish pop up everywhere in drugstores and professional brands and waited for this collection to try it out...was it worth the wait? not really, but the outcome was pretty unique, it gives a subtle twist to a normal graphite polish. I think I will be trying a few of their other colors :)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

fance-y tuxedo

I saw this image randomly on instagram and had to recreate it! it's so simple and cute! tuxedo! LOL do you see it?

i dedicated this one to bubs. love you, baby!!!

-nail tek ll basecoat
-opi's "tickle my france-y" my fav opi nude! so easy to paint. two coats and it's opaque. if you're looking for a skin color, nude polish...this is a must have!
-wet and wild's "black creme" my favorite black polish. cheap, opaque and gets the job done!
-seche vite top coat

two coats of "TMF"

I free handed the half diamonds with the "black creme" polish brush. start from outside, curve inwards and stop in the middle and do the same to the other Side and you'll achieve a clean up V. if you don't like it, then go over it a second time for a new cut! it also helps to do this while resting your hand on a flat surface and also rolling your nail as you move the brush.

added buttons with dotting tool. seche vite and ta da!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Essie "navigate her" and clouds

hi babes!
i wanted to do this nail art right when i saw it on "NAILSIDE" she explains how to do it there, it's super easy and creates such a fun pattern! CLOUDS!

i wanted to incorporate three of the essie's "navigate her" collection's shades to this manicure and here's what i came up with...

"navigate her"
"ole caliente"
"to buy or not to buy"
unlike the swatch of "a crewed interest" i did yesterday, these polishes are ding ding ding essie worthy formulation!!! with two coats and it was opaque and perfect.

took a lot of pictures in different lighting so you can see the true colors.

topped with seche vite and voila!

loves it! so simple and whimisical.