Thursday, February 2, 2012

instant ramen

for my ladies who like to eat ramen...instant ramen LOL I told you this was going to be quick, but it's super delicious!

my favorite brand of instant ramen

a boiling pot of water, the same amount of water to fill this bowl...put the ramen in a swirl around.

add one or two eggs to the mixture depending on your preference.

I like to add "cha" (Vietnamese ham) into it at the end. you usually find this meat in banh mi, but it really taste good with anything that needs meat.

veggies added at the end, also. I think enoki mushrooms would be delicious with it, too.

at the very end add the bag of spices that comes with the ramen, it's better to add at the end because if you add at the beginning and the soup is boiling it'll become extra salty by the time you're done.

to garnish with a few piece of dried seaweed!

and you're done! quick, easy and tasty!


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