Saturday, January 14, 2012


a great night in hollywood with baby sister and bubs. i bought tickets for us to see "wicked." i read the book and have been wanting to see the musical since i went to NYC, but didn't get the chance to and now they're here in LA this month so i had to hop on the opportunity train. it was magnificent! loved every moment of it from the singing, dancing, acting, costumes and so many emotions! it did the book justice IMO.

took us 1.5 hours to travel 32 miles to get there in LA traffic. smh! insane how LA traffic seems like it's all day, everyday lol

 our child we always babysit LOL what she ordah? fish filleT! fish fillet! my gangstah derpderpderpin baby sister. when she got her order at the window she opened the box and said "slap that bun" while she slapped the bun ahhaha
 FOTN. mac "bite of apple" blush on cheeks and "vegas volt" lipstick. i'm loving the combo!
 sweet tea and sweet apple pie. sweet tea is usually too sweet, but i always ask for extra ice, it makes it taste better!


grey goose and redbull before the show.
sweetiee bear sister got me a souvenir cup, aweee.


after the show we drove down the street to "palms thai" to have to have some late night dinner.

 spicy beef salad.
 shrimp pad thai.
 my little artist! she was made for fashion product developing.

shrimp pad see yew!

goood times! no better way to spend a friday evening! if you havn't seen "wicked" i highly recommend you do, definitely a once in a life time, must see.


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