Thursday, January 12, 2012

rose gold & some veggie goodness

cut down the nails a bit and painted orly's rage for this weekend with milani's "gold" on top.

two coats.

one coat of "gold" on top

seche vite

earlier I had lunch with Bubs at "loving hut" a place he found on yelp and it was soooo delicious! loved every single dish and the place was cute and clean.

fresh summer rolls

organic thai tea

lemon grass "chicken" with brown rice.

spicy cha cha "shrimp" with brown rice and vinegar dipping sauce.

for dinner we had "Thai spices cafe"

more Thai tea

veggie tom yum soup.

spicy curry noodles.

pineapple fried rice!

soft mints to end the meal.

on another note, seeing "wicked" in la tomorrow night, so excited!!! I'm peeing in my pants..not even kidding lol


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