Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK day

today was food day from morning til night time! I am so stuffed, I'm literally waddling...

first started with some lunch at tebo tebo tea lounge with my girlfriends, good drinks, good munchies, hilarious convos.

Gooseberries and guavas.

papaya beef salad.

peach crimson tea.

coconut something lol

awesome 3some! LOL the perv in me had to try this.

sooo good!

summer breeze!

popcorn chicken.




then got a cute orchid pot to give to mother in law before we headed to her house for a party. I love the flower shop Bubs and I always go to, they have beautiful flowers, especially orchids for good prices!

camera whoring lol

playing jenga with the kids!

filet mignon and squid, dried fish, sour mango salad...spicy and delicious!!


pizza hut for the kids...

then I went my parents to my aunt's house to visit my cousins and their new puppies! soo cute!! makes me excited for getting my own place with Bubs and getting two corgis!

sister and brother

prince Tyler

my favorite cousin Thomas, his front tooth grew out, soooo cute :)

princess Trisha

of course...more food

grilled squid from Vietnam, delicious!!

milk chocolate covered almonds.

Thomas drew me a picture and told me to go home and hang it, I collect his cute artworks.

nothing Better than family time to end a long weekend.


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