Thursday, January 26, 2012

magnetix "attraction"

after painting, wiping and magnetizing the same finger for about 10 tries it finally came out half decent! china glaze's magnetix nail polish in the color "attraction" a graphite gray.

I found that painting one thick coat then center the magnet to the center of the nail bed holding very still and steady for 15 seconds gave the best results. I did this on my knee for leverage and to keep everything resting and steady.

plain polish, two coats.

alternated the magnets, the star was the hardest!

I've been seeing this trend of polish pop up everywhere in drugstores and professional brands and waited for this collection to try it out...was it worth the wait? not really, but the outcome was pretty unique, it gives a subtle twist to a normal graphite polish. I think I will be trying a few of their other colors :)


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