Thursday, January 19, 2012

lunar new year nails

painting my nails red with an accent of gold for this weekend. red symbolizes luck and prosperity in the Asian culture and so does gold. the two colors go well together, and they sure looks beautiful on the nails!

two coats of opi's "big red apple" this red is a true apple red that applies semi jelly, semi cream. it was Very easy to spread out and paint because It had a smooth consistency that didn't streak. reminds me of BLOOD lol

added a few layered of milani fx's in "Gold." make sure when you use this polish, if you want it opaque, to load up the brush and Dab until its all even, wait a few minutes and press down on all the glitters with a light hand to make sure it sticks without air bubbles and top with top coat!

seche vite+"big red apple"=shellac looking nails!

hope you all have a great one!!!


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