Monday, January 30, 2012

HELLO KITTY cake pops

i spent the evening with bubs and my sister and parents baking cake pops that i saw from bakerella! 
they took 3 hours to bake, roll and prepare then we got sleepy at 1 am and popped them in the fridge and finished dipping and decorating them the next day. the only thing i would've done differently was not waste money buying the nestle toll house white chocolate (this does not melt correctly) LOL using the melt chips from michael's arts and craft store works a lot better! they have the best range of baking supplies and the chips comes in every color, next time i will try making regular cake pops with chocolate outsides and coconut/peanut toppings!

here are some pictures of the process, you can view bakerella for full info.! she's amazing!

candy melt, if you're melting in microwave instead of double boiler, melt a little bit at a time to avoid burning lol

my sister's "pedo" bear LOL

bubs was super skilled at rolling even balls ahahah

our leftover batter we had fun with

next time, i need yellow candy buttons for the nose or yellow icing pen

best looking out of the whole batch


cake pan my sister got from michael's!

if you're ever bored and have an itching to bake...don't do these ahahahha JK! it wasn't that bad, overall a fun experience, but i think i'll stick to cooking from now on and bake only when needed!


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stissy07 said...

How cute! hk cake pops :)