Wednesday, January 25, 2012

fance-y tuxedo

I saw this image randomly on instagram and had to recreate it! it's so simple and cute! tuxedo! LOL do you see it?

i dedicated this one to bubs. love you, baby!!!

-nail tek ll basecoat
-opi's "tickle my france-y" my fav opi nude! so easy to paint. two coats and it's opaque. if you're looking for a skin color, nude polish...this is a must have!
-wet and wild's "black creme" my favorite black polish. cheap, opaque and gets the job done!
-seche vite top coat

two coats of "TMF"

I free handed the half diamonds with the "black creme" polish brush. start from outside, curve inwards and stop in the middle and do the same to the other Side and you'll achieve a clean up V. if you don't like it, then go over it a second time for a new cut! it also helps to do this while resting your hand on a flat surface and also rolling your nail as you move the brush.

added buttons with dotting tool. seche vite and ta da!


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