Saturday, January 14, 2012

Drinking to the good life

went around, did some errands, picked up a few goodies with Bubs.

still waiting for my glass' lenses to be made, but picked up contacts and 20/20 vision gave me an extra three pairs with my order, so sweet of them, I love this optometry! looking for an optometry? they're where To go! great service, good prices, wide selections and theyre prompt!

Bev mo! for some wines for our parents. if you ever get stuck on what to get older folks, gift them Stella rosa original or blanco or some moscato! served chill, sweet, bubbly, they'll love it and you lol

henney in a silver bottle. collectors' item! this is for big tiffs (bff's boyfriend) bday next month in San diego, it's no party without some henney!

I stopped by ulta to get a new curling iron, I like the herstyler, but hate how it makes me hair frizzy so I gave it to my sister a while ago. my normal conair iron is giving out cause ive had it for almost 6 years. I was going to pick up the Conair spiral curler for $17, but saw this set on the way out!

revlon's spiral curler and waver set for $24! I don't know how the waver will work out, but I do love the spiral curler, I used to use it all the time in high school, the curls turn out really bouncy and voluminous.

ardell's lashes for $2.99! ulta is having a sale on a lot of their cosmetics and many other items.

then went to drop off lunar new years gifts to Bub's parents from my parents and got stuff back for my parents. the fun thing about lunar new year is all the gifting back and forth between adults lol

mother in law's home made yogurt, just for me :)

and a bag of tangerines! shes so sweet.

mom's banh canh never fails.

special ordered egg rolls at moms, bestttttt ones I've ever had!!

now to hit the books...hard!

hope you're having a beautiful saturdy!


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