Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cravings Thursday

after a long day at school i was so glad to come home with groceries already bought and all i had to do was whip it all together. bubs always requests for my baked spaghetti so that was what i made!
extra mushrooms and meat!

half linguini noodles, half spaghetti noodles. i wanted to experiment and i like the linguini noodles a lot more!

add and top with cheese and aluminum foil and bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutos.

delishhhhh! add tabasco, tapatio, or sirarcha for a kick.

a few hours later, almost midnight and i was craving for guacamole so we drove to vons and got the ingredients to make some.

they have lunar new years balloons!

tomatoes, white onions and avocados.

mashed and seasoned with salt and pepper.

chopped tomatoes (without the core and juice)

chopped onions.

squeezed 1/3 of a lime.

secret ingredient? SIRARCHA!

gives it a GOOOOD kick.


tip on storing leftover guacamole: squeeze some lime over the surface and sirane wrap it tightly to block out all the air! keeps it from browning.

some other random foodie-ing the last few days...

baby banh tet with mom's homemade dua mong (pickled, fish sauce radish and carrots) my FAVORITE food of lunar's new year.

do you guys celebrate lunar new year? and what does your family do?!

hope everyone got over the hump ok! can't wait for this weekend to gamble, pass of red envelopes and hang out with family!


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