Monday, January 16, 2012

banh xeo done right

mom makes the best banh xeo!!! squid, shrimp, and fatty pork...crispy batter, perfect homemade fish sauce.

eat it on top of lettuce

or wrap it in a spring roll for less mess

homemade cake!

Che dau vang with coconut milk on top

sweet mango

fresh durian!!! straight of out the spiky, fruit shell!

art supply warehouse with the sister :)

picked up some thin brushes for nail art.

she wanted me to buy her a hand lol "to put my rings on it." -anna


whole foods for some food, my sister is full pescatarian since she was younger.

made a salad for mommy :) she loves croutons.

if you havnt tried this curling iron, you need to!!! volume for days and shiny, bouncy hair!


jollibees late night drive through :)

and some McDonald's ice cream!


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