Wednesday, January 11, 2012

31 days nail challenge: day 19 (GALAXIES)

I attempted galaxy nails for the first time and it was so much fun! the sponging reminds me of kindergarten arts and craft time. I followed the same steps emerald sparkled did HERE. it's not as good as hers cause she is Thee nail god, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

the army of polishes, i ended up cutting some of them out at the end

dotting tools for the stars and sponge cut into piece, i ended up ripping the pieces in half to create a more jagged edge for better nebulas!

plate of fun!

-nail tek
-wet and wild's "black creme" for base color. i LOVE this black! great formulation and so easy to apply.
-sally hansen "timeless white"
-essie's "topless and barefoot"
-china glaze's "fairy dust"
-seche vite top coat

thumb: china glaze's "shocking pink"
index: opi's do you lilac it?"
middle: china glaze's "yellow polka dot bikini"
ring: essie's "haute as hello"
pinky: essie's "mint candy apple"

i realized that the neon colors show up a bit better than the non neon ones, it give the nebula a "glow"

i matched up the glitter polishes to the same color
all opi, left to right:
"show it and glow it!"
"glow up already!"
"bring on the bling"
"absolutely alice"

two coats of "black creme"
i took two shots of some pictures with and without flash to accurately show the colors.

sponged on the outline with "timeless white"
tip: use a LIGHT hand

added a lighter shade "topless and barefoot" on top of the white

sponged on the different colors on top of the pale base.

added some more white on top to blend out.

dotted little stars.

dotted the big stars.

finished off with seche vite. the seche vite really brings it ALL together!

i love it! what do you think of galaxy nails? the boyfriend said it's so cosmic! lol

guilty pleasures of the day...
rite aid ice cream! top is birthday cake and bottom is strawberry cheesecake!

and a bag of riesenssss!! reasons to be happy, reasons to be thankful, reasons to appreciate, reasons to LIVE. cheers to that! *pops a riesen in my mouth*

these candies are delish!

happy hump day!


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