Monday, January 9, 2012

31 days nail challenge: day 18 (HALF MOONS)

it's been a while!!! so rusty with the nail art, but I'm back on it! did a quickie before I crack open my brand new books...half moons, kind of Lunar new year inspired, I'm going to replace with gold and red when it comes closer for lunar new year weekend with the fam bam.

nail tek
opi's "modern girl" (a jelly base, coral, orangy, pinky shade. i love this color)
orly's rage (rose gold goodness)
seche vite

one last mani before i chop down these babies AGAIN

one thick coat of "modern girl" on half the nail
hole reenforcements and two coats of rage on each nail and seche vite over the top. done and done!
let me know what color combos you would pick for your half moon manis!


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