Monday, October 31, 2011

favorite silver polish

ever since I started my t&co collection 5 years ago I've been using this spray polisher that they sell at t&co. spray on the jewelry, rub and polish with an old cotton tshirt and polish again with a clean part of the tshirt and it becomes super shiny and new looking again! for the chains and mesh stuff I do the same process, then spray em down a second time and run em through warm water and they gets into the little cracks, the dry em off with the t shirt and voila! good to go!

china glaze "snow globe"

after finishing homework I look forward to treating myself with some relaxing, polish sniffing time lol jk, but really, it's relaxing. i pulled opi "lincoln park after dark" out of the vault and after over a year the formulation is still good as new. i will forever love opi. i had to paint slower than usual today because i try to avoid having to clean up with acetone and a brush afterwards, not too much of a mess for such a dark color *pats self on back*

i did a base coat of "nail tek." two even coats of "LPAD" and one coat of china glaze "snow globe" snow globe is gorgeous! it's one of those easy to work with, opalescent glitter polishes that looks different on top of different polish shade. i can imagine it would look amazing on top of a pastel polish or an orange polish, also!
my all time favorite nail filer by KISS! it has double sides and four enamels boards with different texture. it's been loyal and has been upholding for a while now! some loccatine hand cream for the cuticles.
Looks like a galaxy on my nails! 

hope everyone is having a safe and happy halloween!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

boiling point

cold night calls for some boiling point in irvine, this was our first time and it was delicious! they have Taiwanese style hot pot here with different flavors and ingredients inside. i got the house special hot pot (warning: it has fermented, stinky tofu, so if you don't like the stinky smell, i'd recommend the other choices) the boyfriend got the spicy beef tofu (super spicy). the mixtures of the soup and all the ingredients in it went well together, you get to pick from a bowl of rice or glass noodles to go with your hot pot. their green iced tea is also refreshing, it tastes a lot like 85 C black mountain ice tea. overall, i'd recommend giving this place a try if you're in the area and craving something warm and soupy!

after dinner we went to the next plaza for some mochi ice cream at mochilato, best way to end a yummy meal!

Sunday Funday

yummy foods and strawberry mojitos at the rooftop lounge in laguna beach with an ocean and mountain view...we got the ahi poke, chicken empanadas and burger, all simply amazing and the bonus was the beautiful weather. then after we headed to mom's house for bun bo and fried shrimps!

favorite mascara combo

I have semi-oily skin and eyelids so I always have to mix waterproof mascara with a regular mascara to get the best of both worlds...this is the best combo I've found so far and have been using the last few months ever since the real lashes got long. I use koji lash curler #71 that I got at Mitsuwa market last year. first I do a layer of loreal "voluminous" waterproof mascara (I wipe off the excess and this helps to volumize and separate) and then wait for it to set and do another later of ysl "faux cil" (this lengthens and darkens). this combo holds my curls all day and doesn't transfer! A in my book!

Saturday night with good company

good food, good drinks, good night :) thanks, twinsie for the HK goodies!!! <3

Friday, October 28, 2011

fourth meal

for some reason, all fatty foods tastes better late at night. in and out animal fries and neopolitan shake!