Friday, September 30, 2011

my week in a post

 clarisonic Mia are 20% in many colors!

sorry I've been lack of nails and beauty posting, science and math has taken over my life!


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

happy 5th year with bubs (picture heavy)

happy 5th year anniversary, bubs.
this past 6 years has been the most amazing years of my whole entire 24 years of life. i want to thank you for the wonderful, fun filled weekend and for being the man that you are. you are truly my soul mate, the other half that makes me whole. no one understands me like you do. you are so hardworking, ambitious and intelligent and i am truly lucky to be your girlfriend. every time we are together i feel constant happiness and at peace.  from our non stop lame jokes and endless topics of conversation to just sitting around next to you while we both silently do our own thing. i knew you were the one since the very third date when we hung out and i got drank a little too much and threw up and you held my hair while i puked and took such good care of me and 6 years later you're still rubbing my stomach with medicated oil when it hurts and rubbing my back when it's TOM. you never stopped texting me 'good morning' everyday like it's the first day and making me feel beautiful in my own skin. you motivate me to shoot for my goals and have helped me sooooo much throughout the years. even when we fight and bicker at times you always seem to know what to say or give me a dummy look and we would crack up and make up.  you've captured the hearts of not just me, but also my friends and family! i love you sooooooo much and you already know how much. i hope we continue to grow and blossom and reach the destinations that we spoke about. to another 5 years! kiiiisss*

love always,