Sunday, August 28, 2011


cf asked us last minute to go to OC WEEKLY's DECADENCE event where we paid admission to taste foods from over 30 restaurants and also get to drink unlimited beer, wines and cocktails, sounded like so much fun, and it was! it was held at the wyndham hotel in costa mesa and we had a blast! it was also cocktail attire so we got to put on some dresses and high heels...

we started our pre drinking at a friend's house, headed to the event and then to fountain bowl afterwards for some drinks and alertos for some late night grub!

no better way to end a long night of drinking than some alertos carne asada fries and burritos!


cold soba and weekly foodie-ing

friday night or saturday night usually means date night! bub's coworker has been telling him to try japanese soba noodles which is great for hot weather and we went to FUKADA in irvine! you know when you imagine the food before you ever eat it and when you finally get to eat it, it's exactly what you imagined? well, that's how it was for soba and me ahahaha it's such a simple dish, but i really enjoyed the buckwheat taste of the noodles

the wait was pretty long, 35 mins. and i was falling asleep waiting so he got me a coffee, i usually don't drink coffee, but with extra milk and sugar i will!

green tea and saporro

vegetable mountain and soba with tempura soba

shitake mushrooms with dipping sauce

the spicy tuna bowl and tempura bowl were also delicious! tastes like a big spicy tuna roll unraveled

finish off the meal with some tempura vanilla ice cream

there's a room in the back where they make the fresh soba and udon noodles! next time i want to try udon because according to yelp it's really good, also

then we went for some late night miniature golfing at boomers, he didn't think i was good when i said i was and little does he know...he ended up losing ahhahahaa

i told him to stick out his butt like a pro ahahah

keeping score

"blue ball"


hahahahaha i thought this was hilarious, we cracked up for a good while inside of target, this was in the cleaning aisle

deekai's husky, #1 coochie smeller, everything i come she sniffs my vaggie and butt, so funny

i've been drinking so many different beers i need to lay off on it

til the next post!