Sunday, July 31, 2011

roses like the "h&m bag"

I wanted to do some roses and boyfriend picked the colors ahhahha it came out quite cute together, he looked at the beige h&m bag with the reddish/black writing and said to do that since I was so overwhelmed with choices

Essie "peach daiquiri" (a bright pink, peachy, neon-esque shade)
china glaze "ruby pumps" (was going to do roses with this, but didn't like how it doesn't stand out with the base color)
Essie "flawless" (didn't use either)
opi "jade is the new black" (leaves)

two coats of "peach daiquiri" without any top coat, so easy to work with, no cuticle clean up needed!

I tried to capture the true color, I swear it's not all the same ahahah you'll have to see it all in real life

used thick dotting tool for rose base

wet and wild "black creme" for petals and Essie "topless and barefoot" for blob

rose petals drawn on with thin nail brush

added leaves

end product with seche vite, don't worry about it looking odd and bumpy, seche vite usually smooths it all out

I love!! :)

the right hand! it didn't look as bad as I anticipated ahahha

foodie time!! pictures of foods I've eaten lately that I enjoyed

new udon stand at mitsuwa

kohryu spicy miso ramen aka liquid, buttery goodness

pho tai

cha gio, eggrolls

mocha almond fudge from rite aid

jackfruit! fresh!

boiled jackfruit seeds, warning: smelly farts

garlic rice with chicken and gingered fish sauce

my sister chased down the corn man for me lol

"it's not delivery, it's digornos" pizza night with sister

Cajun fries from claws with ketchup lime dipping sauce


clams, shrimp, crawfish, corn

goi ga, chicken salad

rite aid pecan praline, sooo good! tastes like caramel float! like butterbeer! lol and a lipstick for .74 cents! score!

hope you enjoyed and felt
inspired to draw some
roses, I'm going to try another color scheme in my next one, more vintage feel.


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I love Essie "watermelon"

it's been a few days since I've painted my nails and I've gotten so many compliments on this color, the last post didn't do Essie "watermelon" justice so Here is another shot of it. manicure still looks shiny and new thanks to Essie and seche vite

this red is good year round!


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Friday, July 29, 2011

Essie "watermelon"

ring: h&m. comes in a purple color instead of white, but I couldn't find my size

I got bored of my long, witch-like nails so I chopped em off this week! perfect for some short, red nails.

essie "watermelon" is the type of polish where it looks different in the bottle than it does on the fingers. one of those polishes where you wonder "why is it named this?" then when you're done painting you have a light bulb moment "OH! that's why!" the formula is nice, a little on the thick side, so one generous coat would do or just two medium coats

in the bottle it's a bright red with a strong pinky, magenta undertone

two coats without seche vite yet, it was kind of chunky

looks pale here

then I cleaned up the cuticles a bit with a brush and applied a generous coat of seche vite

it's beautiful! just like watermelon color, bright red with a pinky understone, very subtle

love this shade! so classic! makes the hands look super clean, bold colors like this usually accentuate the cuticles, but just wait til it dries, wash with hand soap and warm water and apply some hand lotion/cuticle lotion and you're good to go!

I've seen this color at drugstores and target and now restocked at imperial. hope you enjoyed!


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beautiful Friday

a lovely Friday, shopping for wedding and anniversary dresses, nail polish and a much needed hair cut

"shocking pink" for the bestie

omg, I don't know what took over me..essie "strawberry sorbet" "peach daiquiri" "demure vixen" (for sister) and "watermelon" I love these creamy shades!

dress shopping at h&m

I havnt cut my hair in so long, a year now? I went to Loc at Le Nam Salon, he is amazing!!! got some layers, a V cut shaped cut and chopped off 4 inches, my hair feels so much better. I went in for a trim, trying to save my hair to donate, but now I'll wait another year hahaha fail


happy weekend!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

an evening at the oc fair

annual oc fair, every summer for mid july to mid august
i wait for it purely to eat and lolligag and a bit of tailgating ;)

gotta have the roasted corn with butter, mayo, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, chili powder and lime juice..soooo delicious

going to see the farm animals

"it's a "huge cao""

deeply in conversation

evil red eye rabbits

these turkeys were huge!

deep fried koolaid! this is new this year to the tastes like a cherry donut ball with sour little sprinkles inside, i think that is the koolaid powder itself

fried oreos! i've had almost all the fried sweets throughout the years, and fried oreos are my absolutely favorite

batter on the outside with some chocolate drizzles and an oreo cookie on the inside, since it's fried the cookie is melted and delicious!!!

roasted corn #2 before leaving the fair. we couldn't get enough we had to get another before the fair closed..this time it was charboiled corn, a lot more burnt and chewy, it was good! they ran out of mayo so it was just: butter, parmesean cheese, and a powder that had chili and lime in it, soooo orgasmic

we live to eat!!!

went for a pedicure with the bff and came back to my parent's and my mom had a feast for us!

goi cuon tom/thit (spring rolls with meat and shrimps), cherries and fried rice, she is such a saint!!

and a hearty bowl of banh canh

then i glammed mommy up, my parents went to a wedding..i love them so much

i've been re-reading the harry potter series and watching a few here of the movies and there and the boyfriend has been watching all the movies and insisted all week we go to watch 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2' so sunday evening we went to see it! it was so good! i even cried a few times after getting attached to all the characters through the books

rubio's chicken nachos with extra sour cream as a pre movie snack

gotta have the concession goods, amc has really kicked it up a notch, now they have futuristic coke machines all over and a wide menu selection of real foods

i got a white cherry icee, a coke float (they give you the cup with ice cream and you put your own choice of soda in it), and popcorn with salt, butter and jalapenos (this combo is BOMB, try it the next time you go!)

hope you guys had a great weekend!