Thursday, June 30, 2011

nails! cupcakes! mmm

I love cupcakes! I did a notd like this last year, but this time I outlined the cupcake so it shows better and didn't use a bunch of rhinestones for the sprinkles..this manicure is more "dish washing" friendly! it's not perfectly drawn but I shall keep practicing

voilĂ !

-nail art brushes and dotting tools
-Rhinestones wheels
-orly's nail defense base coat
-Essie's "turquoise and Caicos" this bottle is over a year old and it's kinda chunky, but I kept shaking and It was ok again, I love this polish color!
-opi's "alpine snow" (base for ring finger and sprinkles)
-opi's "the "it" color (cupcake holder)
-orly's "fancy fuchsia" (cupcake frosting)
-seche vite top coat
-cacee black nail art polish (outlining the cupcake)

I put some krazy glue on a piece of paper and applied some on the top of the cupcake and took my dotting tool (with a little glue on it, easier to pick up the stone) and applied it to the top of the cupcake and pressed gently

two coats of everything, t&c was not cooperating, but seche vite smooth everything out at the end

the cupcake on the left hand is way better than the one on the right lol

makes me wanna get a
cupcake to eat!

nothing like a glass of red shirah wine while painting the nails, the boyfriend and I have been obsessed with red wines lately, it's a nice break from the fruity wines

hope you liked and got inspired to draw some cupcakes!


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seaweed/nectarine binge!

i've been addicted to nectarines this month thanks to my mom, it's in season, super fresh, firm and crunchy and the tangy flavor is mouth watering, makes for a GREAT snack! for .98 cents for 2lbs, you can't beat that!

and i've been addicted to roasted seaweed as a snack..the paldo brand i usually get is sold out at all vietnamese and korean markets around me so today i tried to buy different brands and to my surprise they're pretty good. NOT as good as paldo (flaky and seasoned to perfection with salt and sesame oil), but the other brands will do for the time being..i can't read korean, but you can go by what the packaging looks lol

also, check out the baby quasar and other skin cares at!
i love this website for purchasing skincare products, they have almost everything and anything!

will post my giveaway soon!


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Monday, June 27, 2011

diy: chili/salt fruits dipping sauce

summer is the best season for fresh, crunchy, juicy fruits! I love it! here's something my mom made and taught me to make to go great with sour/sweet fruits for dipping. it's so easy and can be found in your cupboard.

some rooster brand garlic, chili pepper


put a few teaspoons of the chili into a pan (depending on how lumpy and spicy you want it) and add an equal amount of salt. turn on medium heat and stir until everything is fried and blended together. let it cool...pour into a container and dip with your favorite fruit! I love it with pineapples, nectarines, peaches, watermelons, mangos...the options are endless! leave to store at room temp. and it'll last a whole week! make as much as you need. you'll love it!

doesn't it look delicious? the garlic gives it a kick!

sweet and sour crunchy nectarine dipped with chili, salt mmmmmmm


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Random iPhone photos for end of June

I found a bunch of random foods and item pictures on my phone from the last two weeks of June and was deleting, but wanted to share before I delete em :) get ready to be hungry! it's funny cause now it's a habit, I can't eat any meal unless I snap a picture of it, even when I'm not going to post it..this is actually filtered to "must eat" pics

first off: Thai food at "banana bay" restaurant in Rowland heights. delicious!!

Thai tea float with Thai tea and vanilla ice cream, fried calamari with sweet and sour sauce, seafood, spicy fried rice, and king noodles (their famous dish), I also love their fire tiger beef, but we already pushed it with our other dishes

after dinner we wanted to try half and half tea house right down the street for the first time. everyone raves about it.

cute phone! and the sign said "pictures are welcomed" they must get a lot of easily amused customers like myself

cute snacks

they have stamp cards and you can trade for prizes!

the cute decor, the place is quaint

we waited in a line for about 15 mins., bf ordered almond milk tea with boba and I got milk tea with boba, both in small sizes..and OMg, their cups are short, but wide!

as big as my hand! the large is even bigger! lol the boba balls were cooked perfectly, with honey added to it, the tea had a strong and good flavor, so did the milk, but it kept us up all night! it was that strong! so next time I'd drink it during the daytime instead of at night if you're like me
and your tolerance for caffeine is low

jollibee!!!! my girlfriend Dianne that I've known since jr. high is filipina and we always used to go to her family's for feasting and I enjoy all the Filipino dishes and desserts and jollibee is one of my favorites! their spaghetti and chicken combo with a mango, peach pie..*dies* such comfort food

i swear I should be pregnant, I always crave for fast food at midnight a few times a week, and this is an example of a midnight meal

wendy's delicious spicy chicken nuggets, burger, fries and baked potato with sour cream and dr. pepper on the side, my poor arteries lol

tempura udon..mmmmm

was at h-mart and saw these! so many childhood memories. do you babes like this?!

the creamosas ones are the best! strawberry and chocolate cream

"kaju tofu" tofu post with sides dishes and kalbi, love Korean food! ESP their fish cakes and kimchi

went paldo roasted seaweed hunting, 5 markets later i found the last 7 packs! can't get enough of this stuff, it's seriously crack!

had my white bed, bath and beyond jewelry holder a few years ago and then saw this one at tj maxx for $15! I had to get it since I have some accessories I travel with and it's so handy! can be folded, has zippers and cloth/plastic lining to prevent tarnishing

filled it with my travel jewelries right when I got home

it's double sided!!

hearts detailed zippers

uyen thy bistro! steak and eggs with tomato fried rice

beef stew (Bo kho) with noodles and bread to dip on the side

fresh coconut juice, so refreshing

and lastly, mom's homemade canh chua ca (sour, spicy, soup with fish) eaten with noodles and can be eaten with rice, too! sooo delicious!

I hope you didn't read this on an empty stomach! :)


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

brunch at orange hill restaurant

hi babes!
happy weekending! it's so hot here in so cal since summer officially started and the boyfriend, twin and i figured..what better way to kick off the summer then some brunch on a nice saturday morning and some tasty food?!! we are all major fatties/foodies! we decided on orange hill restaurant, i love their brunch! the food is extra fresh, everything is delicious and the champagne/mimosas are all you can drink!

first thing they do is pour us a glass and they keep refilling every-time it's half empty lol i got so red from drinking a few glasses

roast beef with yummy horse raddish cream sauce, salmon, veggies, pasta, garlic mashed potatoes, all you can eat!

king crab legs, so firm and sweet dipped in lemon, salt, and pepper

sushi! fresh and yummy! loved the smoked ahi and salmon!

beautiful view!

went outside to hang out and drink after we finished eating..we are so cheesy lol

"yellow model chick" love my gorgeous twin!

love him to pieces

hahahhhaa bf started humming "c0me and knock on our doooorrrr.." LOL and we were all singing it. who remembers the show "three's company"?! so funny


and to kick off summer, i'm going to have a mini giveaway! :) will post on my next post! stay tuned and thank you for reading.