Tuesday, May 31, 2011

china glaze "yellow polka dot bikini"

i love opi! my last leopard mani lasted for 5 days and it still didn't chip one bit, but i wanted something new to look at..OMG..this mani was SUCH a fail, but i wanted to post to review the polishes

zebra? lakers? easter eggs? I DON'T EVEN KNOW!! ahhhhh! runs around room riping hair out* i messed up on the first and second finger and was too lazy to change paint brushes so here's to FAT zebra lines ahahhaa

china glaze "yellow polka dot bikini"
opi "do you lilac it?"

i had to apply THREE coats of this NEON HIGHLIGHTER color because it was so sheer and streaky!! gahhhh!!!!!! dieeee!!!! and it dried matte, i think due to the bright color formulation they couldn't make it creamy, i LOVE the color, but applying was a pain in the arse, but seche vite at the end solved the problem and evened everything out

three coats and without top coat, you can see it's matte and not even

LOL zebra stripped easter eggs, please excuse the poor artistic skills

i saw the essie "summer 2011 braziliant" collection at rite aid earlier! going to visit imperial tomm and see if they have em yet, so many nice, bright shades!

had some five guys for lunch, i enjoy it a lot more than in and out, it's NOT near shake shack in NYC, but it's gooood

my double pattie burger with EVERYTHING, i devoured it within 10 mins.

their cajun fries is mmm, tastes like the sha bang sauce from boiling crab

my mom bought me a pack of these paldo brand roasted seaweed and i am HOOKED! i love paldo's aloe vera drink and this is another great product by them, it's super crispy, thin, flaky and tastes like chips

a pouch comes with three packets and each has 10 sheets

so we went back and bought 6 more packs of them! $1 each! my mom thinks i'm crazy, but i love her for getting them for me..and i thought "these would go so well with an ice cold beer" soooo...

CORONITAs!!! with lime and salt! delicious combo.

last week had sushi dinner and movie date night with bubs..we always like to eat sushi at our favorite place: sushi gesshin. it's FRESH and everything tastes good here and so is the service

calamari with vinegar sauce, i want to drink the vinegar sauce

LOL iphone pictures and collage app. fun during dinner. i usually don't wear make up 5 days a week, so don't be surprised at the bare face lol

white cherry icee and popcorn while we waited a million hours in line for hangover II

it was a funny movie, lots of penises and cussing, NOT as funny as the first one, but it was worth the waiting :)

IN&OUT for when i'm on the go..with a Neapolitan shake on the side

and nothing like a hot day, high 70s, at the beach, cool, soft breeze, some books, my ipod shuffle, and a chipotle salad bowl and getting some color in..love California weather!

hope you babes are having a good start of the week!


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Thursday, May 26, 2011

leopard nails with opi "the "it" color"

hi babes! spare time=changing polish everyday again! wheeee!!

i wanted to use opi "the "it" color" (sunshine yellow) and some leopard spots!

i've been trying really hard to paint into the line so i don't have to deal with cleaning up the cuticles and having the brush fall apart after a few uses due to the acetone rotting it and i'm pretty happy with the results

leopard spots are easy to do because they're never identical and they don't have to be uniform and it's so much fun to freehand, i find it really relaxing

end results!

the tools:
orly's nail defense base coat
opi "the "it" color"
cacee brand nail art polish in black (a dupe is LA COLOR brand black)
orly's "fancy fuchsia"
seche vite's "top coat"

TWO coats of "the "it" color" so even and extremely easy to work with, i love this shade so much, reminds me of mustard, but brighter

the nail art brush is thin and flexible

free hand the leopard spots..i would've liked the black spots on a pastel color, but this screams fierce, also! the right hand was easy, BUTT the left hand was quite a struggle

the i used the tip of my old glitter liner brush and used orly's "fancy fuchsia" to fill in the spots

when it's done, the lines look kind of harsh..

then seche vite comes to the rescue!!!

and smooths everything out...i shall spend this summer brushing up on my nail art skills, it's been too long!

today after the gym i finally had time to visit the public library, i know there's many technology out there and ibooks and kindles and stuff, but something about being inside a library and physically perusing the aisles and picking out books brings joy to my mind and then actually flipping the pages and the smell of old books are so comforting
rereading harry potter's series

and then i got this book just because it reminds me of all my girlfriends ahahhaha

had some mitsuwa for dinner with the boyfriend because the Japanese food fair is in town!

they didn't have grape drink, but they did have the green tea cookies back in stock

crispy wafer outside and green tea cream inside, it's sooo good, esp with some hot jasmine tea on the side, i got my parents a pack because i know they like to eat cookies with tea

i didn't get ramen, i opted for beef curry and rice today

soooo the boyfriend had TWO bowls in my honor ahahaha

the special Japanese food fair ramen, it was miso flavor, pretty tasty

and then he had to get his santouka salt ramen lol

happy friday! see you in the next post! let me know if you get a chance to do some leopard nails!


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opi "blue shatter" and hauling

to start off the day, I stopped by imperial beauty supply! feels like it's been so long, but in actuality it's only been two weeks? the boyfriend was on the phone with me and he said "why am I not surprise?" I seriously have a nail polish problem! una problema! I only needed a yellow and some polishes for twin and got more than I was suppose to.

opi blue shatter line!!! and the black is back in stock, too!

they're sooo cute! one day I'm gonna throw em all on the ground and roll around in em. three left ones for twinsie: essie's "sad tropez" and "nice is nice" and I got us matching neon highlighter by china glaze in "yellow polka dot bikini" neons are so in for the summer and it'd look so nice on tan skin In a bikini! and I got my opi yellow "the "it" color" funny name and Essie "knockout pout"

now time for some laundry! my favorite thing to do! :)


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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

essie "coat azure"

hi babes!! i'm back to beauty related blogging now since finals are over and i get a break!! i'm so happy and relieved, it's been a long few months of sweating and stressing, but now i'm praying for at least a 3.80 this quarter! can't wait to speed through and finish soon!! i was texting with my twin xtina like we usually do every night and her nails broke last time i saw her and she had to cut them down so i cut mine down, too! they were getting wayyy too long, i mean long is nice, but TOO long looks *side eye* LOL she said she had "coat azure" on and it reminded her of balloons from "UP" the movie and i automatically thought of pearalized balloons! i have it, but havn't used it, so here goes...

it bugs me so much, i need a yellow polish for my daisies, but i gave it to my sister so tomm. i will journey to imperial for some neons and yellow polishes

the usual: orly's nail defense, essie "coat azure", sally hansen's "timeless white," OPI's "bring on the bling" and the center of the flower i used essie's "tart deco" which i didn't picture, and seche vite's top coat..and nail dotting tool set i got from skylark a few years ago, perfect tools for flowers and dotting madness

TWO coats of "coat azure" without any top coat and already it shines, it's a good, thick, formulation, only one coat and it was even, but i wanted my usual two

hello short nails, i've missed you, man

added some simple daisies..makes me so happy! boyfriend said "the flowers are cute on the blue" then he mutters "you fingered a smurf" LMAO he WOULD say that

sooooo..i have a holy grail product i've been meaning to share, but havn't gotten around to..so during this quarter i started to break out like mad around my mouth, chin AND forehead, little ones, big ones, medium ones, white ones, you name it, they existed on my face..so i resorted to a product that never fails me for the past few years..OXY brand benzoyl peroxide in 10%. there are many peroxide products out on the market, but this one suits me best..i like the liquidy, cream base texture of it. i have oily skin, and this is an EXTREME treatment, but it never fails to clear my face up and works so well..

i apply it ALL over my face everynight for a few weeks and in the first two weeks it was EXTREMELY drying, my skin flaked and was tight, but i remembered to moisturize and with a high SPF because benzoyl is such a UV attractor, so remember to SPF it up or your face WILL burn and it will be painful. now my skin is even, supple, and free of pimples all thanks to this. i still continue to use it for small spots i feel forming, but other than that it's a miracle worker..i didn't get to take after pics, but trust me, it works. even for spot treatment it's amazing! it's only 4-5 dollars from walmart, CVS, target, or anywhere OXY products are sold

this past full month i've been adding ONE or TWO apple(s) a day to my snacking and this has helped my bowel movement (i go 3-4 times a day regardless, but the apple helps solidify the poop) and it acts as a sponge to soak up toxins and fats.."an apple a day (DOES) keep the doctor away" so eat your apples! my favorites are gala apples, crunchy, sweet and delicious!

some random weekly eats:

love wahoos maui bowl with some sour cream on the side :)

i started marathon training and this is such a good treat from the boyfriend for me finishing finals and for working my butt off at the gym..

tastea's avocado smoothie!

some random pics of twin and i last weekend at 85 C bakery and our night out of non stop eating

ahhaahahhaha we were trying make funny, evil faces

mochi egg tarts and milk buns

we went to el super mexican market for some VERO BALLS mexican candy, chili on the outside and chewy jelly in the center, sooo addicting, we bought two bags each :) super binge eating status

and to end this: gym read. MAXIM>COSMOPOLITAN

enough said.

can't believe it's almost june! can't wait for the weather to get warmer and so many summer activities, what are you babes doing this summer? tell me your plans!!



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