Friday, April 29, 2011

opi's pirates of the caribbean

45 minutes before I leave for the airport and my car and the boyfriend's car are parked at his mom's house due to street sweeping, iyah texts me "opi pirates is here!" and the addict in me had to make moves..I called to have hiep hold a set for me, and two sets for xtina, but I couldn't wait, so the boyfriend took out the bike! (hate the carless feeling! its like being handicapped!) thanks, bubs, you're the best! I couldn't wait 5 days the anticipation was going to kill me! its not even the colors its just my wierd obsession of having to own polishes..the colors are dupable to a some of the past collection and the permanent collection, but it doesn't take away from how gorgeous they are as a whole! and silver shatter!!! definitely a twist on pirates, since you'd expect dark, starking shades, but these are so cute!

6 spring time colors and silver shatter

the star of the to wait for serena william's other collections (gorgeous shades) & the opi colored shatters collection, I'm kind of getting over shatters on my nails, but I just want a bottle of each just for keeper's sake..I seriously get an adrenaline rush, it's THAT sick.

ok, off to the airport now! my OCD can be at peace lol


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

essie-"splash of grenadine"

had to bust out my favorite polish combination Everrr!! LOL actually I say that about a lot of my polishes, BUTT this one is on the tip top of my list! timed myself today, Manicure, 5 mins flat! no need for any clean up with acetone, I really should consider doing nails for a business since I AM Vietnamese bahahahha

the goods

two coats of "splash of grenadine" NO top coat yet and it shines like the sun!! it's such a wonderfulllllll formulation, jelly, easy to work with, FOOL proof! if you can still find it, get it! also, "lapis of luxury" from this collection


added seche vite and my favorite gold glitter polish by Milani "gold"

I came home to a pack...

LULU!!! you are seriously THEE ninja! she surprised me for my birthday..omg! thanks so much, babe!! I love everything! so cute! ESP the mouse bath sponge, I used it right away! comes with ropes on both sides, I washed my back and butt with it lol super soft! love you, lulu! you're too sweet!

everything was wrapped so neatly!

some yummy dinner, I ate so much, and kept eating, and eating, the boyfriend said "you won't finish, your eyes are bigger than your tummy" little does he know..we had dinner at thanh my

shaken beef!! gotta have Bo luc lac

hu tieu kho (noodles with meat and fried shrimps)

I love veggies! Any kind!

muc Lang bot (calamari)

gotta have the lemon, salt, pepper dipping sauce, goes well with EVERYTHING from crawfish, shrimps, crabs, shaken beef or anything that needs something sour, try it next time if you havnt!

ive been loving my new charm, I've been wearing it all week, dainty and has the touch of tiffany's blue :)

lol I saw this on bub's phone..lmao, scared?

hopefully this saves me in NYC, flat boots still causes friction!

all packed for NYC and ready to leave tomm! can't wait! I'll see you babes when I get back! will announce my mini giveaway wiener and post more pics of foods (of course!) mwahs! happy weekend!

p.s. good luck on your marathon, twin!!! kick ass!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

birthday eve

spent my birthday eve having some shabu shabu at eastwest shabu down the street with bubs, it was delicious, topped off with some zinfandel wine..

some tastea shaved ice with red beans, black jelly and lychee for dessert afterwards :) yummy, cold treat

then we were hanging around infront with bub's brother Tony and my bff comes and surprises me with flowers! she's so sweet!!

she hand arranged the flowers herself, it's suppose to be a hello kitty, but she told me everyone says it looks like a dog, I see the hello kitty! thank you so much, bestie! you've been so kind to me the last 15 years, every year, everyday you make me feel special..from you always supporting me to the million other little things, I don't know what I'd do without you in my life! I love you!! I know you love me, too, even though you hate the word "love" lol

so cute!!

fresh flowers! I havnt received in a long time..tears*

then my friend linda dropped off a gift to the boyfriend at his work to give to me..

she'd said it'd come in handy on my NY trip

I love it, it's so simple and so me, thank you for being so thoughtful, Linda, I really couldn't bare to accept the gift..thanks for thinking of me!

and thank you all you babes for the sweet birthday wishes and greeting, from my blog to fb to twitter to text messages! you all made my day/year! I feel blessed daily knowing all of you, but this past week has been a reminder of how many wonderful friends/people I am surrounded by.. *hugs*


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

my surprise birthday dinner

hi babes!
so last night, i was suppose to go to dinner with the boyfriend and the whole week he kept saying "dinner with just you and me, private and romantic" and i seriously thought it was suppose to be just us and when i came it turned out to be all of my girlfriends plus bubs!

but it's funny cause' i am a spyyyy! i was going for threading and a pedicure earlier in the day with the bff and she said to me "oh we have an hour and half to get ready have an hour to get ready" she totally slipped, and i was confused, but didn't mind it, then when we got to the restaurant and went to park i saw shellie driving in! i knew it was her car due to her flower lei! ahhahahahaha totalllly hilarious..and knowing my girlfriends they're always bubs said "pretend to be surprise" and while we were walking in i was practicing my surprise look and fake crying LMAO and then when we get inside the girls weren't there yet! and twin was sitting alone with balloons, it was hilarious! i was so confused, but all in all i was so happy!!!!

thank you so much bubs for treating us girls and myself to a wonderfullll dinner and karaoke! you are such a gentlemennnn! i know you read my blog, thank youuuu, thank you!

some visuals of course...
half the pictures thanks to twinsie's camera


making a goofy face

kimera lounge in irvine, very chill and nice layout

twinsie! love

CFs united!!!!! love

lychee martini, so good, esp the lychee at the end soaked in all that liquor

garlic fries


cake, too!?!? i was sooo surprised!

my favorite!! ice cream cake!! thank you bestieeeee!!!!

bestie put cake on my face

balloons, laura mercier setting powder, make up remover and jamba juice, you spoil me! thank you, lovey!!

love my babes

the fire was HOTTT


upcoming trip to NY, vegas, paying for dinner and karaoke, then he still gets me a little blue box..he's so freakin' sweet i get cavities!!!!

the cutest charm! a baby key with the beautiful tiffany's blue color

my BFF! i love youuuu!! 15 years of birthdays together! amazing!

then after dinner it was either clubbing or karaoke, but it was TOM so i opted for karaoke at plush lounge, they serve liquor inside!

never seen a karaoke bar with a chandalier before

beer me, bro

thank you, nguoi dep, mcweenerson! she gave me some $ to spend in NY, so sweet, daviddd!

kadeeers made it!!!

love you! thanks for the gifts!!!!

she asked me what i wanted all day and i said "nothinG! don't get me anything!" and she said "something small, fool" and i said "ok, Schick intuition razors with the soap bar" and she really did get em!! omg so funny

LOL gigi brazilian kit, i literally LOLed
sephora HK mirror and a check :) she gave me so much crap for not carrying a mirror only to end up giving me one
so much love, i'm going to dieeee

my pyramid of love, i esp adore the cards, so many funny thoughts

boots from BFF and CF tiffie, i love em! thank you!!

then the next day i went home to spend the day with my family, we went to boiling crab for some lunch, so yummmy!

love my parents so much!!! they're sooo cute! my baby sister refused to be photographed today

a dozen oysters that only daddy and i ate

corns, sausages, shrimps, crawfish..the whole sha bang!

cajun fries, my mom's and sister's favorite

baby sister's work of art

then i stopped by sephora for my HG foundation primer

and they ended up giving me this for my beauty insider birthday gift, so nice of them, smells like cake!

i tried so hard to not post a million pics on here so i put the rest on here


nowwww, back to reality...
been cracking on the books all day, and shall continue to until this weekend..

thank you, loves for treating me the diapers so well! tears* (again)

and thank you everyone so far for entering my mini giveaway! it's still open to enter until next, next week!

have a happy and healthy week!