Wednesday, March 30, 2011

opi "tickle my france-y"

I've been on a nude binge lately cause it's so easy to paint, no clean ups and done in 5 mins! my all Time favorite nude shade by opi "tickle my france-y"! elongates the nails and make them look super clean and shiny! had to trim down the nails today because I notice over the last few years, everytime my nails are long...I break out on my chin!! I think it's all the bacterias the nails collects and I touch my face often..not cute at all! so shorter nails it is

don't know why I left the index blank..wanted the whole finger to be gold, but it got gloopy.

opi "tickle my France-y" and sephora "only gold for me"

my seche vite finally got a little goopy so I added three drops of acetone and it'll be good until I finish off the bottle..tip: store your seche vite in a cool place to prolong the use of it, I know it gets thick quick (due to the dry fast properties)

even without a top coat, this color is shinnnny, smooth and soooo easy to work with

if you're looking for a nude, nude, this is it!!

last picture without flash, it's a lightttttt brown, nude



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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am so excited!!!!! today was my lucky day! finally got my hands on the elusive iPad 2..took me TWO days! boyfriend and i are crazy tech geeks lol him, especially! we were about to order online, but it wouldnt be shipped til end of next month, so I read online that people could stop by the apple store early in the morning to get an iPad 2 because apple gets shipments daily and they never really know what they're going to receive, so it's hit or miss..on monday morning at 6am I went to the Cerritos mall's apple store and they said "sorry, no shipment today" so I drove over to south coast plaza's apple store and they said "we have some ipads in, just gotta count how many" during the time I sat 15th-16th in line for two whole hours! then by the time they came out to check off the list of their inventory they ran out of the 16gb, wifi, white one that I wanted..omg, I was devastated!!! soooo being as stubborn as I am, I went to the fashion island apple store down the street and no shipment there..

so today, I woke up extra, extra early and went to Cerritos mall again, and got there at 6am and there were at least 15 people infront of me standing in the cold! and I was so hopeful and kept thinking positively.. then at 8am they let us in and checked their inventory and started handing out tickets of what was available..LO and behold..hours of waiting and trying...ta da!! I've never done black Friday or any of these crazy standing in line event, but for this, I had to! they ran out of the white by the time it got to me, so I was ok with black, plus I'm gonna put a case on it! it's a community iPad, the boyfriend joked that it's our new child ahahhaha this will hold us for a few years until we do have a real kid! thee adventures of huckleberry giang!

day 1, south coast plaza, fail!!!

day 2, Cerritos mall, win!

so sexy!!!

blogging on the iPad is sooo much nicer, actually everything is better! youtubing, twittering, facebooking, web surfing, it's LOVE!

super thin and light

front camera

back camera

I got mad at the boyfriend over something dumb and I left for the gym and came back to strawbehreh holding the iPad! hmmm interesting...he always make me laugh! time to jailbreak!

I've Been playing nonstop with it! if you like apple stuff or even if you just like tech stuff this is def a good product to look into! it's amazing!!! now to wait for the iPhone 5!!! happy Tuesday, loves!

and special thanks to Patricia for sending me NYC itinerary suggestions!! you are such a dollllllll!!!!!


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Monday, March 28, 2011

Essie "Sand tropez"

simple notd! I loveeeee this shade!!! Essie "sand tropez" from their spring 2011 collection, a light, light nude beige with a lot of grey in it. reminds me of cement! great creamy formulation! two coats and it's LOVE!!

two coats of

the closest I could get it to it's natural, real life form

I love Essie! this color is a must have for your collection; a lovely nude..less peachy than the "topless and barefoot" also in this collection, hope you liked! and also, if you could email me at if you want to talk ask me anything, I try to reply via the comments section, but it's not very reliable..thank you!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekend foodie adventures!

hi babes!
it's that time again! weekly weekend foodie adventure! I'm a small girl, but I can out eat a lot of people, my boyfriend included! lol just some yummy food finds this weekend, I'm always on the quest to try new, good yesterday night I wanted to take my bff to try bugolgi bibimpap at CHAE BAHN at jamboree plaza

bulgogi bibimpap with meat, rice and noodles mixed in on a stone pot, such a heart warming plate

seafood pancake, I love the vinegar, soy sauce that comes with this dish

then after dinner we wanted some pastries at 85 degree, but the line was out the door that we opted for some deserts are TOKYO TABLE

banana flambé!! they lit it on fire and it cooked the bananas, so good with ice cream!

brick toast with ice cream! wayyyyy better than the Brick toast at guppies, they cut it into cubes inside and drizzled with honey and ice cream

the cute little cubes of toast, sorry the pictures are so dark, the place was dark!!

then after dinner bff and I met up with cf Shellie at PAST MEMORIES Korean bar for some yogurt Soju, I miss my girlfriends so much and when we see each other it's always good times.. huggggs* we did speed drinking, 3 girls, two large jugs of soju in 30 mins!

yogurt soju is basically clear Korean vodka, with calpico yogurt drink and sprite mixed with it, super good, but Is is a killer!

the next day...sunday funday with the boyfriend, we try to go eat some place new every weekend, bubs is my bff and my foodie partner, his palette is a killer! he's super picky with the way things tastes, it's funny cause when we eat, i let him take the first bite just to see his reaction

we started out with some DIN TAI FUNG DUMPLING HOUSE
thanks so much to tiffy! she texted me all the must tries in arcadia! XOXOOX, babe!! i enjoyed it all!

almost an HOUR wait! it's insane! they have two locations, but yelp opted us to this one

we got hungry so i got us some pastries at JJ bakery in the same plaza, their hot dog bun and the buttermilk bun is so delicious, almost as good as 85 degrees C bakery in irvine
we finally got seated, the cute chopstick sleeve has the instructions on how to eat the dumplings

sour and hot soup..mmmm

deliciousssss juicy pork dumplings! the juice inside is sweet and savory and the dumplings are thinly wrapped with yummy meat inside, dipped in vinegar sauce and "nibbled"'s a MUST try..makes me excited to try the joe shanghai dumplings in NYC

this is what i mean...first biteeeeee...
verdict isss...he LOVES it! :)

their shrimp fried rice is also deliciousss!! fluffy and made to perfection

after eating all that we wanted some desserts and tiffy told us to try this place with shaved snow called TASTY TO GO down the street from DTF
the shaved snow was so fluffy! we got the green tea snow which was milky and melts in your mouth! with red bean, mochi, boba and green tea ice cream all around die for..a millllllion times better than guppys!

then to finish it off, tiffy told me about an asian cosmetics store down the street that sells asian cosmetics and masks galore! all at a good price! i got a few sets of MBD masks, just cause they were boxed so cute!

two boxes of the "7 top sellers" MBD masks

hope you got some foodie ideas! i recommend all these places! so much yumminess in the tummy!!!

now to go run a few miles...ok, maybe not lol time to take a nap!


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Friday, March 25, 2011

leopard nails!

hi babes! happy friday! or as rebecca black would say..."friday friday, fun fun fun...partyin, partyin, yeah!" omg, world's lamest song!!!!!

i am hanging out at my parents and with my sister and she smells like cheese (jk, not) and i painted my nails with essie "french affair" and then the sister added some leopard spots for me with glitters ontop :) it came out so pretty, i love the colors together!!

the tools
essie "french affair"
art deco paint brush "black"
opi "bring on the bling"

two coats of essie "french affair" the color is so opaque and streaky, but after two coats it looks decent, but that doesn't take away from how pretty it is

dotted the nails with random "bring on the bling" spots and then drew around the glittered spots with art deco "black", it's quite simple, just takes lotttts of patience

mom's house always means endless amount of yummy foods, whatever i feel like eating, she'd make everything!

mien ga (glass noodles in a soup base with chicken and cilantro) sooo warming and good

LOL my dad handed me this and said "they didn't have PING in C-MALL" soo cute! he got this just in case there's an earthquake/flood, i love my parents, they're hilarious

went around for a few errands with sister and stopped by cream pan for some strawberry custard croissants for my parents

this stuff is soooo delicious!!!!
you have to check it out if you're in the irvine/tustin area, they're only open morning til mid day, but this is sooo worth the drive! flakey, sugar coated croissant with custard filled inside and fresh strawberries, made to PERFECTION!

602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 665-8239

i came home and found the corn man on my street! i loveeee this corn and it's the BEST when coming from this cart, the good, authentic stuff!

corn with mayo., parmesean, butter, and chile powder

and lastly takis! i love the takis fuego, but nitro is a lot better because it's more sour and a tad less spicy..if you're crazy spicy, sour corn snack, this is the way to go!!

hope you all stay safe! and hope cali survives this weekend so we can all continue living and blogging!!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

origin's "vitazing spf15"

finally! had a chance to pick this baby up! i got mine from macy's for $38.06 and lets just does what tiffanyd said it would!

i'll let her do the talking!

will do a naked face with this sometime this weekend :) and update on the milani eye tech liquid liner, it is LOVEEEEEE! does not budge even with sweat and water after a 4 mile run! amazing stuff!

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