Tuesday, December 6, 2011


driving during traffic hours is a pain in the asssss. i knew i should've waited til after 7pm, but i got anxious to go home. I calculated that from point a (sd) to point b (oc) there are a total of 7 malls and one outlet along the 5 freeway. it works out perfect! I usually take a break when traffic gets rough. today it was bad so I stopped at camino real mall.

I'm obsessed with shiny things and sequin skirts are perfect this season with a loose, buttoned up blouse and some tights for a night out on the town. they didn't have as many choices here as other malls, but I found a black skirt with sequins and bouclé (French for fluffy and knotted, the f21 cashier told me when I asked lol)

so excited to put together an outfit for bub's birthday at mastros this Friday.

p.s. fuze's green tea, honey flavored from subway is the best! keeps me awake like no other, it's crack in a cup, yummy crack lol

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