Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE ready!

so excited after finishing picking up NYE extras! went to "dream era cosmetics" while waiting for din tai fung and got some princess lee lashes and HK iPhone cases. the cute pink case does NOT work well with the iPhone 4s, the power button malfunctions :/ so I got a different half case. after that, ate dumplings and went around town to pick some some sparklies! hats, tiaras and glitters for NYE FOTN!

green bean milk tea with calamari while waiting.

HK lashes! cute packaging, but doesn't look like good quality.

so cute, but such a fail on how they made it to keep turning the power on and off

like my clear one, but pink! only $5!

all cases $5!

love these lashes! actually I like any Taiwanese lashes they're so well made.

cheap and sturdy.

he's so happy, so glad Bubs is a foodie so I can have someone to eat my way through life with.

lollll trying on things at party city

the crazy dumpling monster

Sally's glitters for NYE!

crowns for the boys, tiaras for the girls :)

can't wait to ring in 2012! now to do an NYE mani!


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