Friday, December 23, 2011

glittered out

couldn't stay away for long...
I went to pick up "set in stones" thanks to steph's amazing swatch of it and some seche vite and left with some and more...

forgot to snap a pic of opi's "nicki minaj" collection :(

"set in stones"

a back up of "designer de better" and nicki minaj's confetti glitters in "save me" love the concept of confetti glitters, it's gorgeous!

china glaze's 3D in "marry a millionaire" (confetti, multi dimension glitters again, sooo gorgeous!) and "blonde bombshell"

seche vite, one for me and one for baby sister. they've been out of seche vite for a few weeks and waiting for restock, but he gave me his boxed one, bless his heart :)


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