Thursday, December 15, 2011

mustache nails

i'm love mustache apps, i have three of them on my phone, my favorite is the "stachematic" app. so much fun!

opi's "coney island cotton candy"
wet and wild "black creme"

this polish is kind of sheer so i had to do three coats of "CCCI"

two large dots and two little dots with dotting tool

loaded generous paint on dotting tool and connected in a curve motion!

boyfriend suggested i put a rhinestone in the middle to make it more girly, loves it! he's always so helpful. finished with seche vite.

ahahhaha i love this draw-on-finger and puts-up-to-upperlip stach' joke!

this stuff is gooood. i like the cow, vietnamese condensed milk, but this squeeze tube from "la lechera" is more convenient. great on top of bread and ice cream!

bought banh cuon hong mai today and got extras of spring rolls and eggrolls i've been craving all night!


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