Monday, December 12, 2011

the beach house

we went for dinner with bff and big tiff to "the beach house" in laguna beach. the atmosphere of the place is cozy and warm and there's different levels to the place. i love the christmas lights all over the place. it's a beach front restaurant so the windows overlook the ocean and the waves crashing in. the top rooftop patio is perfect for sunsets meals and enjoying a cocktail and the best part is the food is GOOOOD.


 aweee bromance!
we travel with them, eat with them, and play taboo with them, lovelove
 love my bff :D
 my ciopinno pasta, it was sooo good. liguini with clams, mussels, fish and scallops in tomato, cajun type sauce, reminds me of the sha bang sauce from boiling crab! bff got the same dish.
 bub's salmon over sweet, hoison noodles
 big tiff's pork chops with beans and potatoes, this dish was also delicious, too!
 cheers to SF for nye! whoo hoo!
 each couple shared a creme brulee, it wasn't as sweet as i liked, but the caramelized sugar on top made up for

 so quaint, i love it! will definitely be going back to catch the sunset.


p.s. special thanks to stephanie, i loved your email, doll! you totally made me day!!

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