Monday, December 5, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 8 (METALLIC NAILS)

joe's "gunmetal" aka "gris"
looks so much like opi's "my private jet," but i think it has a bit more multi flecks of glitters in it.
the bottle is so cute and tiny!
i'm more of a cream or glitter polish type of gal, but from time to time a good metallic color is a nice change. the only thing i don't like about metallics is sometimes it takes two or more coats to be opaque due to the consistency. can't stand that "i can see through my nails" look. and it almost always need a generous coat of top coat on top to make it shine. in the end i can't blame the concept, since metallics are suppose to be somewhat grainy.

two coats of "gunmetal" without any top coat yet.

seche vite saves the day for the 1,000th time lol

I love totino's! baked extra, extra crispy. just can't get enough.

fresh guavas from roomie's tree with salt and sirarcha. BOMB.COM.
happy monday!


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