Thursday, December 22, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 17 (MARBLED NAILS)

i've been dreading this day so much! i've seen nail marbling and have watched and read numerous tutorials for the past two years, but didn't want to deal with the mess, but now i get the joy of doing them! LOL here is the best instructions i've seen on how to do them by CHLOE'S nails.

nail tek
orly's "dazzle"
essie's "knock out pout"
opi's DS "coronation"
wet and wild's "black creme"
seche vite

a bowl of room temperature water, i used bottled water to avoid minerals. i used "knockout pout," "ds coronation" (for the fine glitters), and wet and wild's "black creme"

something thin to draw designs into the polish, i used a sewing needle

two coats of "dazzle" as base, you could use a WHITE polish as base if you want, any color combo you like!

tape off the cuticles with tape

add the polish one by one drop to make a bull eyes, the process of the polish thinning out in water is scientifically amazing to me lol

IMPORTANT!!! work FAST! i took my time the first few tries and when i went to draw the design with the needles the polish dried up, it dries quick! it'll drag and everything will be RU-ENED (in stewie's voice from family guy)

proud moment, my first nail marbling experience hahaha

dipped and remove tape

you can see some of the cuticles need some clean up, just use a q-tip or brush with acetone and clean up the edges

added seche vite and voila! love em! the boyfriend helped me with opening all the bottles and getting all my supplies while my nails were wet lol he said "that is cool" and stood and watched the whole thing :)


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