Tuesday, December 13, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 14 (FLOWERS)

i've been on a roll today, trying to catch up with all my nail challenges before the busy weekend comes and i won't have time to complete them. tonight i tried to record with my iphone and tripod that bubs got me, but it didn't come out to my full liking for this challenge so i shall keep trying til i perfect it. i didn't take pictures of the steps since i was recording, but it seems self explanatory on this one.
opi's "sweet memories" (three coats for full opaqueness)
flowers using wet and wild's "black creme" and sally hansen's "timeless white"

i painted three coats of "sweet memories" then for the flowers i used different size dotting tools depending on the size of my nail. i dotted five dots alternating the petal and stigma colors. the trick to creating the "petal lining" effect is making a round dot and using a pin or thin stick to pull a line on the each petal starting from the outside and pulling inwards towards the center. repeat all around and dot the stigma at the end.

gahhh at the piece of cotton ball lint caught on the ring finger >:T make sure to wipe off your tool in between colors to avoid combining colors. also, have a cup of acetone near by and some paper towel instead of cotton balls to wipe off your tool and it won't leave residue like it did on my ring finger.

my first attempt's set up. will keep trying until i get it!!!

love target trips with bubs for snacks and necessities, he always lets me buy what i want and he pays for it. today it was razor blades, snacks and more snacks! one of my favorite is this huge tub of cheese balls! reminds me of hot cheetos/cheese cheetos asteroid balls i used to eat when i was little, so sad they discontinued them.

deliciously nutritious.


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