Monday, December 12, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 12 (STRIPED NAILS)

striped nails! i have been experimenting with this for TWO days! *rips hair out* it sounds simple, but it wasn't! i tried the scotch taping method for white and red candy cane nails and those didn't turn out well, then i tried just freehand drawing abstract stripes and i wasn't happy with the results for those either. sooooo i ended up doing the simpliest one. french tip with stripes. bubs calls em' "victoria's secret bag" nails, but i told him they're a different color scheme lol

most important nail tip: let your nails breathe! as much as i love smelling nail polish and acetone *sarcasm* i always let them breathe at least a total of 7-8 days a month with just a strong nail strengthening, clear polish. too much chemicals on any part of the body is bad in the long run.

products (left to right):

nail tek base coat
essie's "mint candy apple" (for tips)
china glaze's "fairy dust" (all over nails)
essie's "knock out pout" (inner stripes)
opi's "pink flamenco" (outter stripes)
seche vite top coat

step 1: base coat, then i did the french tips with my sonia kashuk, flat, eyeshadow brush with two layers of essie's "mint candy apple," then i polished the whole nail with a layer of china glaze's "fairy dust." i personally liked them like this, but for the sake of the stripes, i added stripes.

step 2: i used a thin nail art brush and drew on stripes with essie's "knockout pout."

step 3:
added outer stripes with opi's "pink flamenco" and finished off with a coat of seche vite.

voila! you could replace with any color combos of your choice for these nails and they'd look cute!

random foodie-ing the last few days...
mommy always makes the best snacks, seasoned, criss cut fries! so crunchy and good with a glass of coke paired on the side.
mommy's hu tieu with shrimp, quail eggs and pork.

after dinner dessert run! pazookie trio at BJ's with the baby sister and boyfriend. warm cookies with cold, vanilla bean ice cream on top. mmmm
triple chocolate!

chocolate chip!

red velvet!

appetizer lunch with bubs at mitsuwa. we call this appetizer lunch because we literally eat then eat an hour or two later with a real meal lol sooo good. i love their matcha, sweetened, ice tea at the stand where they sell all of their boxed sweets.

happy monday, everyone!

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