Saturday, December 10, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 11 (POLKA DOTS)

these nails for today were inspired by neapolitan ice cream! my mom used to always have a huge tub in the fridge of it and still does to this day and some cones in the cupboard and she'd always make me one. i'm at my mom's so i didn't have my dotting tool, so my sister told me to use a bobby pin and it worked out okay.

i usually wash a butt load of dishes because my mom leaves them to me cause' she knows it's my favorite thing to do (besides laundry) and my nails grew even more! if you want your nails to grow, do dishes everyday for a week and the moisture of the water will make it grow for sure. it's a hypothesis i've been testing out for years lol

nubar's base coat
nubar's "chiffon"
orly's "white tips"
essie's "french affair"
seche vite top coat

i alternated colors to incorporate all the colors onto the nails

my sister's nails, she loves dark and bright colors and this was opi's "lincoln park after dark" with milani's jewel FX in "gold" on the ring finger.

today we celebrated bub's birthday with my family. my mom made his favorite food: bo nhung dam and they bought him durian cake. my sister is so sweet she put so much thought into his little surprise.
bubs always brings mommy a gift when he comes visit, today it was poinsettia flowers.

the cake was suppose to say, "wow! you're old!!" but the asian lady wrote it the other way around LOL

durian/coconut filling! i dislike durian, but bubs and my family love it! this one was lighter on the durian smell so i had a piece.
lately we've been really into trying out different types of teas and my mommy always has the best tasting tea choices, this is pure jasmine, vietnamese tea from sent from vietnam from my grandma. the bag is air sealed tight and the leaves are twirled into little balls, once you put them into a tea pot they expand into HUGE tea leaves. it's all natural with no fragrance or preservatives just pure, dried, tea leaves. the taste is amazing and it leaves a sweet after flavor in the throat and on the tongue.

tea and cake!

and crunchy cookies! i love my family :)
happy saturday, everyone!


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