Friday, December 9, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 10 (RAINBOW NAILS)

hi loves!
i took a two days hiatus to sleep and didn't get to do my nail challenge, lets just say...too much sleep will make one lazy lol i had so many ideas in my brain the last few days for rainbow nails. at first i was going to paint the rainbow stripes on each nail, then i was going to do a white base for every nail with rainbow polka dots or rainbows on each nail and clouds, but then i settled for the classic: hand drawn rainbows and clouds at the end. LOL

you may think that my life is all rainbows and butterflies and currently it is, 90% of the time, but like everyone else i've struggled with many hardships in my earlier life to get to where i am today. my parents work hard and i, too, believe in that state of mind. everyday i get up, i tell myself: "i'm doing this for my future kids," and that reminds me to get out there and do work.

"every cloud (indeed) has a silver lining." and "there's always a rainbow after the rain." (well, depending on how the water drops settles and how the sun rays hits it to form a prism), but figuratively speaking, there is always hope. you won't know to be strong and get up til you've actually been kicked down hard time and time again. hardships builds character and positivity is the mantra to life. if i don't like something i'll fix it, if i feel like someone is using me or not a good part of my life, i'll rid of it. people come into my life for a season(s) and a reason(s) and i'll always remember what they brought with them. however, nothing is forever, even diamonds deteriorate after millions of years. so i learn what they've taught or didn't teach me and move on. time heals, people change, life goes on and all things become memories. 1+1 is always 2 and 2-3 is always 1, no matter how hard you try to bend it. it's simple. no need to hold on to grudges or stick my nose into other peoples' business because at the end of the day no one will care about you, but yourself and the people around you who really applaud your success and motivate you during failures. so in the end, focus on yourself, instead of being obsessed with others and making it a point to make their business yours. let go of the negativity and move on. life never feels right when dwelling occurs. you may think it all sounds cliche, but when you really let it simmer and think about it, it all makes sense.

i blog because i enjoy it, it's a hobby. i like that feeling of helping someone or giving someone an idea to work with or stem from. i don't do it for my personal benefit, if i ever start to feel like it's not fun anymore, i will stop.

i rarely get personal or get too serious on my blog because this is after all a place of beauty and fun knick knacks, but it's just thoughts i've had on my mind lately and reevaluating priorities. dont take every word of each post too seriously, Im sarcastic as hell.

time for some nail porn! i need to go look for some art brushes that are shorter than the ones i have for more steady nail arts and some acrylic paint since it has a thicker consistency than some nail polishes.
i kept singing "rainbow connection" from the muppets while painting my nails, i remember singing that song back in varsity choir in high school, it's such a wonderful song, something i'd sing to my future kids to rock them to sleep.

i had a hard time remembering the colors for a moment so i sang the tune i sang with the kindergarteners i used to volunteer with...

"red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple...makes the rainbow bright!"

(left to right)
nail tek base coat
essie's "lapis of luxury"
sally hansen's "timeless white"
opi's "big red apple"
essie's "braziliant"
opi's "the it color"
opi's "jade is the new black"
opi's "dating a royal"
china glaze "spontaneous"
seche vite top coat

two coats of  "lapis of luxury" i love this blue! bubs suggested a blue base since he said "that's the color of the sky" HAHAHAH sometimes the most obvious things are funny.

i wish the lines were more crisp, dammit on the flimsy brush.

nowwwwww...time for a beer


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