Tuesday, December 6, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 9 (GRADIENT NAILS)

day 9 and going strong! i usually dread challenges after the first week when they don't spark my interest, but this challenge...i look forward to completing everyday! that's how i know nails are my bff, once i'm done with school and working a high paying job, i'm going to open up a nail shop on the side and have racks and racks of polishes on the walls with the latest polishes always in stock and my workers will also always be up to date and know how to do all the latest nail arts! i'll also serve cocktails and desserts. it'll be a place every girl would want to go to and unwind and all the tools will be ONE TIME USE! kudos for sanitation. LOL a girl can dream...snaps back to reality*

gradient nails! i had an idea when i was looking at ornaments and this color scheme is perfect for the holidays! can't wait to go home this week and start winter break and go buy a christmas tree with my family and decorate, it's a family tradition every year! wheee!

this is my first attempt at "gradient" nails and it's SUPER simple. it's also a good way to make use of all your different glitter polishes if you have them laying around.

i was too lazy to go get a sponge outside to do the sponging so i just did it free handed with the nail polish brush itself. you could use any color scheme you want with the different glitters and add a pale or dark base color, also, it works out with any combo of colors.

here are the steps below...

products used:
nail tek II base coat
orly's "luxe"
opi's "bring on the bling"
opi's "crown me already"
china glaze's "fairy dust"
seche vite top coat

step 1
: i freehanded the tips. this is why i said it's simple, you don't have to be neat with painting on the tips because the glitters will later cover it, i applied two coats of "luxe"

step 2: i then dabbed on "bring on the bling" over the line of "luxe" and going all over the nails. tip: it's important to not have too much polish on the brush otherwise it will be a big BLOB! lol just pack on a little at a time. better to pack little by little then a lot at once and have to take it off and start over.

step 3: i then dabbed "crown me already" a little over the "bring on the bling" and past it, too, making sure i got some of the hexagon, chunky bits onto the nail.

step 4: i painted the rest of the nail without glitter with a thin coat of "fairy dust" to finish off the transitioning effect.

step 5: finished off with a coat of seche vite and TA DA! festive, blingy nails! i love it!

good luck on yours! let me know if you ever try it out :)


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