Wednesday, November 9, 2011

rose gold goodness

I went to fashion valley mall to Bloomingdales after speaking on the phone with the sale associate and when i got there...It turns out they don't carry the "bel aire" at any bloomies! false promises. smh. there went my chances of friends and family discount. so I walked to nordies, Macy's and the MK store itself and no luck. I called the nordies at UTC mall by campus and dianne (a lovely sales associate) found one! I've been lusting for this watch so I went and bought it. poor dianne had to take off so many links to make it for my wrist, she's so friendly and nice! and I am beyond happy. boyfriend said he was going to buy this for me, but i didn't want him spending this much for a watch so i bought it myself. happy early Christmas to me!

the other stores did offer me different options, which were all nice, but i'm glad i stuck to what i really wanted to begin with


now to eat my jollibee's and stare at how sparkly the watch is in awe lol 


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