Sunday, November 27, 2011

"nails of luxury"

woke up to some breakfast already on the table...bubs can't get enough of jollibees! im waiting for him to get sick of it. we shopped around afterwards and boyfriend and I are studying and i'm taking a nail break! I asked him to choose colors that would go together and we picked our wedding colors! gold and ivory white! "colors of luxury" he says LOL! I added some brown and cream flowers on top to contrast with the nails and add some character to them.

my work station, usually i do my nails at the dining room table, but today the floor felt comfy

got the holiday socks on!
products used:
(left to right)
base coat: nail tek II 
orly's "luxe" 
opi's "alpine snow" 
essie's "hot cocoa" and "topless and barefoot" 
opi's "jade is the new black" 
top coat: seche vite

i did the same method of "nail mooning," but only painted more than half the nail since the top part didn't matter since i was going to cover it back up with the white. i like orly's "luxe" since it dries extremely fast (semi velvet polish) so i was able to paint over it with "alpine snow" within 10 mins.

don't worry if your lines aren't neat, you can always go over with a thin nail art brush in the end to fix them and also the seche vite smooths out most roughness.

brown spots of flowers' base, then i added the lighter shade on top and kept layering them back and forth for the 3D effect.
without seche vite yet...

WITH seche vite in the two pictures below. love these colors together, so festive and indeed "luxurious" LMAO
hope you enjoyed this one and have great success trying them out (if you do attempt them).

as for my giveaway that ended a few days ago, i will announce the winner some time this week when i'm done with midterms and starting my finals. thank you again for reading and commenting and joining the giveaway! with all my love! happy sunday!


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