Wednesday, November 23, 2011

lips and lips and lips!

10 am and I head straight to target. i've been hunting down the l'oreal infallible target exclusive in "target red" and after a few targets this one had 2 left and they held it for me. 
i love the concept of bold, red lips, but always hesitate to wear it because it peeves me when it smears, smudges, fades and gets on the teeth!! ahhhhh!!! face of agony* and l'oreal infallible lip color is perfect for me! the PERFECT red and stays on for 8 hours! the packaging is portable. one side is the lip color, let it set for 2 minutes and retouch throughout the day with the gloss side. the best part is the mirror on the back of it!
i ended up picking up the "target red" nail polish, too, it was too pretty to pass up...
then i walked around a bit and saw the revlon lip butters! i've been seeing so many blog reviews on these and was looking at my phone for swatches of the colors they had left on the shelf and ended up with "lollipop" and "candy apple." these lip butters are AMAZING!!!! i would compare it to my dior lip glow lip balm (a cheaper alternative). they're smooth, buttery and have a sheer touch of color that can be built up. the packaging is cute, too! definitely check one or two out when you get the chance or see them in store, they're goooood.

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