Wednesday, November 30, 2011

31 days nail challenge: day 3 (YELLOW NAILS)

opi "the it color" it's a golden yellow, not too bright, not to dark, reminds me the magic school bus color, i loved that show as a kid, always knew i'd be a scientist lol

i did two coats of "the it color" and doodled around with some glitter opi's "show it and glow it!" and "dating a royal" (navy blue) just for kicks and giggles to see how the three colors would look together. they compliment each other pretty well.

if you're in need of a wearable yellow polish with good formulation this would be "IT" LOL

sorry for lack of excitement today, i am extremely tired from a long day of school and instead of taking a nap right now my OCD won't allow me to since Wednesday is laundry day.

enjoy the pics below.

at this rate...I...NEED...MORE...COTTON...BALLS


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