Monday, October 10, 2011

sandee's baby shower (pictures HEAVY)

wrapped up the wonderful weekend with sandee's baby shower. congrats on your babygirl chloe, babe!!! i know she will JUST as CUTE as jayla! so much fun eating, drinking, playing games and quality time with my lovely girlfriends. had some dinner with the boyfriend, bff and family before heading back to sd. life is so good :D



auntheathee said...

I Love your blog! You are such a beautiful girl, I'm a polish addict & also love good food! I found your blog & adore your taste in polish & food! It makes me hungry everytime I see your pics! I just want 2 come out to California & try some of the places you show! Keep up the beautiful posts :-) I can't wait until I get my OPI muppets glitters! Do you think rainbow connection is going 2 be as beautiful as I think it is? Glitters & halos are my Passion!

auntheathee said...

Love your blog!