Saturday, October 8, 2011

home is where the heart is!

I miss home so much! started Friday night off with KICKIN' CRAB with the boyfriend, sooo goood!! comparable to Boiling crab, but without the wait, then pho for breakfast with my girlfriends then more food a few hours later and then shopping with them..when I'm home, I'm most happy

cream pan

been naked palette hoarding, I've probably purchased 6 since they came out, all for friends, such a great product

banh cuon!

kickin' crab!

pho kimmy

Essie winter 2011 collection

"baubling for baubles" (a dark, grey navy) and a back up of my favorite red "watermelon"

and this was only 24 hours, another 48 hours to go of eating and playing! nothing beats home foods.


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