Monday, October 3, 2011


so i mentioned back in july that i started using RAPID LASH (an eyelash growth serum) and after finishing a whole tube of it 2.5 months later it didn't give me the results i hoped for. i don't know what it is, but most man made products/treatments just do not go well with my system...all in all i got a tad bit longer lashes with rapid lash and a tiny bit of volume (without mascara), but with mascara it wasn't too bad, but i just was not satisfied.

i was watching a bunch of youtube and one by beautysplurge stuck out to me about "maximum lash" and i looked it up on and it was $50 a tube, just like rapid lash, but i found a BOGO on for $50 and have been using it for five days and my lashes are NOTICEABLY longer WITHOUT mascara, even my boyfriend and bff said "i can see your lashes!" and bff ordered some the other day, too! i highly recommend this product! and it's amazing considering i had SHORT, not full asian of all asians lashes lol

(try at your own risk)


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