Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

it was a beautiful sunday, got all my studying done and decided to take my sister to work with the bff and do some shopping at citadel outlet. we raided calvin klein! love the additional friends and family associates discount. their clothes is nice quality and so many perfect pieces for fall! of course the day wouldn't be complete without some delicious lunch and dinner.

H&M bodycon dress, this is longer than the usual bodycon, i love this color this fall and so does my sister who enabled to pick this shade instead of black or navy blue
some CK goodies for bubs, i always think of him when i shop and never come home without getting him something
silk (polyester) kimono from h&m, so soft!
blouse from CK, the material is AMAZING!
paired with some pumps, these pants would be complete!
bff and i went a little crazy, it rang up to be $700 and we paid only half the amount!

bags of joy
these mini cups from tastea of avocado avalanche totally made my day, when you do order, get it extra sweet because regular sweet isn't that sweet.

ahhhh, back to reality tomorrow after such a relaxing weekend, hope you all had a good one!


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