Monday, October 10, 2011

25% Columbus day at h&m

the h&m coupon through email is a killer, made me go buy stuff lol

the dress looks long and wierd, but it fits extremely nicely and with a thin belt across the waist line

fuchsia version of a peter pan shit lol

i'm a size 2, but i go this a size up so it wouldn't look like i was going to go clubbing..i imagine this with knee high boots and some leggings or without leggings since it's long on me

i've been craving for godiva chocolate covered strawberries weekly now, such an expensive, guilt pleasure, but SO good...and if you become a member they give you a free piece of your choice each month!

red velvet truffle!

i love chex mix, but not all the stuff that comes in it, only the chex itself, so when i saw this on campus it was perfect

damn bath and body works and their 6 for $24 deal! been stocking up on winter wallflowers, candles and portable scents.  my favorite so far is "homemade cookies" and "mint chocolate" Heavennnn!

finished my first exam of the quarter and celebrated with some round table pizza and a shock top glass of how my school has a pub, a sports bar, and serves liquor at so many food places, they WANT us to be intoxicated ahahahha

 1 million of these sold so far, of which 1/1,000,000 is mine! boyfriend ordered the white 4S for me, i can't wait to get it and blog in better quality pics :D hope you're all having a wonderful start of the week!


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