Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sephora by opi "going nude, eh?"

I'm having a bad nail day lol I couldn't paint correctly today for some odd reason and the color of the polish photographed so yellow, when it's clearly a grey-ish nude! gah!! thanks to my friend sher for gifting me this Canada exclusive shade! I love it! makes the nails look extra long!

going with the sephora for opi theme..
"going nude, eh?" and "only gold for me"

I couldn't get it even like my usual three coats so I used three coats!

two coats of "only gold for me on top" cause I did an uneven job so glitters hides it well, and I left seche vite out since it became too thick

I swear it's not yellow at all! my lame camera..it's a lot more nude and grey.

this is what it actually looks like!


the new French Mani for fall Lisa Eldridge showed in that video is amazing! I'm going to try it next!


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