Friday, July 29, 2011

Essie "watermelon"

ring: h&m. comes in a purple color instead of white, but I couldn't find my size

I got bored of my long, witch-like nails so I chopped em off this week! perfect for some short, red nails.

essie "watermelon" is the type of polish where it looks different in the bottle than it does on the fingers. one of those polishes where you wonder "why is it named this?" then when you're done painting you have a light bulb moment "OH! that's why!" the formula is nice, a little on the thick side, so one generous coat would do or just two medium coats

in the bottle it's a bright red with a strong pinky, magenta undertone

two coats without seche vite yet, it was kind of chunky

looks pale here

then I cleaned up the cuticles a bit with a brush and applied a generous coat of seche vite

it's beautiful! just like watermelon color, bright red with a pinky understone, very subtle

love this shade! so classic! makes the hands look super clean, bold colors like this usually accentuate the cuticles, but just wait til it dries, wash with hand soap and warm water and apply some hand lotion/cuticle lotion and you're good to go!

I've seen this color at drugstores and target and now restocked at imperial. hope you enjoyed!


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tiffyama said...

Super cute color for the summer! :D (Love the name too~ heh. Watermelons <3)