Thursday, June 30, 2011

seaweed/nectarine binge!

i've been addicted to nectarines this month thanks to my mom, it's in season, super fresh, firm and crunchy and the tangy flavor is mouth watering, makes for a GREAT snack! for .98 cents for 2lbs, you can't beat that!

and i've been addicted to roasted seaweed as a snack..the paldo brand i usually get is sold out at all vietnamese and korean markets around me so today i tried to buy different brands and to my surprise they're pretty good. NOT as good as paldo (flaky and seasoned to perfection with salt and sesame oil), but the other brands will do for the time being..i can't read korean, but you can go by what the packaging looks lol

also, check out the baby quasar and other skin cares at!
i love this website for purchasing skincare products, they have almost everything and anything!

will post my giveaway soon!


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ShinyPrettyThings said...

good luck w the seaweed search!!! they are reallyyyy addicting, i agree. nectarines are sooo good! i'm sad that they're only around for a short time during the summer -_-

Dana Yoshimizu said...

98 cents for 2 pounds!? Woah, I needa shop where you're at. lol I think the cheapest I've ever seen them is like 98 cents for a pound, but not two! XD

Oh & I love Korean seaweed!!
I'll eat it like candy. hahah, no rice or anything.


Michelle said...

I find the photo with the nectarines pretty for some reason. :-)

Yumiko said...

nectarines...ahhh...makes me want to go fruit picking