Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Essie "braziliant" summer 2011 & date day

hi babes!
first off I want to say a big thank you to all the wonderful babes who stop by and leave me such lovely comments! I'm going to try to get a better reply/interactive commenting system HTML box on my blog instead of this difficult traditional one!

I went to imperial today to pick up some polishes for a friend and of course I could not resist...

essie 2011 "braziliant!"

the further right one isn't from this collection, it was on the perm. rack.."haute as hello"

they say opi names are creative, but I think essie's are, too!

the line up, this collection has six colors, oranges to red to magenta, something of everything, it works well together

left to right:
1)super bossa nova (creamy jelly)
2)meet me at sunset (jelly)
3)smooth sailing (creamy jelly)
4)braziliant (creamy jelly)
5)absolutely shore (sheer cream)
6)too too hot (jelly)

I tried to swatch all of them and took pictures with my iPhone, it doesn't pick up true to color, time to invest in a professional camera! and excuse the messy job, I did em quick, ninja status

"super bossa nova" is a true fuchsia magenta with slightly pale purple duo chrome shot through it depending on the lighting

"meet me at sunset" is a darker version of "braziliant" a deep orange that has NO shimmers and a jelly consistency, I love polishes with the jelly, "sorbet" consistency, makes application quick and easy and leaves a wonderful shine

"smooth sailing" OMG this creamy, duo chrome (tiny multi glitters reflects) is amazing! two coats and it looks like a dream!! very unique!

"braziliant" my favorite besides "smooth sailing" it's a bright orange, coral with a shot of pale peachy pink duo chrome through it, I love it!

"absolutely shore" this is a pale Minty green shade, a lot like "mint candy apple" but more grey..it's nice, BUTT it took THREE coats to make it even and smooth, very sheer..anything that requires more than two coats for me is a thumbs down

"too too hot" a jelly, bright, hot firing red, it's a wonderful color! automatically brightens up the hands

seven swatches later my nails and cuticles hateeeeee me

long strong nails..secret? orly's nail defense base coat and LOTS of nutrients from all food groups o the pyramid

my final NOTW: Essie's "haute as hello" very comparable to essie's "knockout pout" that I did my zebra nails with, but on the baby color, neon side of coral whereas the other one is neon, baby pink

without flash

overall I recommend all of these polishes in quality and color except for maybe no "absolutely shore" not unless you have the patience for three coats plus..

had a date day with bubs today! here's some foodie porn!

lunch at champagne french bakery at south coast plaza

chicken salad croissant and green salad, the smoked, vinegar house dressing is so good

he bought me a creme brûlée even before we got our meal lol

then right at 3 pm when boiling crab opened we went for a "snack"

oysters and crawfish!! soooo fresh!! you can taste the ocean lol didn't get Cajun fries today, had to cut back, but totally satisfied my sha bang, Cajun sauce craving

then to Bella terra for "x-men first class" bubs and I are movie junkies; we've probably watched hundreds of movies in our six years together from 'sex and the city' to 'gone with the wind' to action/comic/horror movies! for some, we even read the book series together..next up is "lord of the ring" book series

it was good! definitely tied all the other x-men movies together because this one explains professor Xavier's younger life

he's buying us popcorn and drinks, what a sweetie pie

buttered popcorn is SO good with jalapenos on the side! try it!

then dinner at "quan vy da"

plate of veggies, I love any type of veggies

mi quang, can never get enough of this soup and yellow egg noodles

hope this post wasn't so long! and you enjoyed the swatches!!!


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Michelle said...

I looooooove the colors of the polishes!!

ShinyPrettyThings said...

ooooo I wanted to pick up haute as hello today!! but was hesitant. thx for the swatch!! now i have to go bk and get it. tooooo pretty ^_^

D.Sadie said...

I really like super bossa nova!


Fruity Lashes said...

love the new essie collection. they're so summer! i gotta try the orly base coat. your nails look so pretty!

Iyah said...

Jelly of your beautiful nails :) i love the swatches.. hope i can stop by imperial soon :)

Elle said...

Lovely swatches, I'm glad I'm following your blog because I love seeing different nail polish/swatches. Your food photos always looks so good =D

AlwaysAdira said...

hey girlie! I'm going to SoCal in August! :D Any foodie/shopping places you recommend? I've been there so many times, but I feel like there so much to do that I never have enough time.

btw I love the LOTR trilogy. You should read the Hobbit first before the movie comes out. :D

- susy - said...

I had a pedicure done yesterday. WHen I called to make my appointment, my manicurist lady picked up. I asked her if she had Braziliant yet and she said no her vendor didn't have it but she'll try to get it for me. I went in yesterday for my pedi and she had it! It's probably the best summer color there is!

- susy - said...

P.S. I thought I was the only person who eats jalapenos with popcorn! IT'S SO GOOD!!!!!

ellen m. said...

omgsh i got to get my hands on brazilliant and haute as hello!! love the colors. and i think i have the same pump bottle for nail polish remover as you. haha ;D

CollegeCurl13 said...

"meet me at sunshine" is by far my favorite! So vibrant! And awwwww your date looks like it went by well ;)

I am following you now!!!

CollegeCurl13 said...

Btw, Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway ;)

I'm having a giveaway at 12:01PM
check out my features in the meantime ;)

kirstyb said...

love that pink polish x

Lisa said...

ohhhh!! so many bright pretty bold colors for summer.. omgosh i can't believe you did all those swatches at one time!! muhaahha all the used cotton balls look so pretty hahaha.

omgosh i loved this x-man too.. i really loved learning about xavier's life too!! towards the end when the girl was weilding the gun.. i was like "OMGGGGGGGGG" i KNEW then with all the crazy commotion that that was the scene where he was going to ruin his back! it was so sad :( hahahah

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I can't believe you did all those swatches! Woah, so mannyyy. I'm really loving the super bossa nova! ;D

& so MUCH food porn!! XD Making me hungry. hahaha