Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my mini birthday giveaway! (CLOSED)


hi babes! I just want to start off with thanking all of you for visiting my blog, I say it a Lot, but you really don't know how much it means to me, blogging wouldn't be fun without readers! ;) my birthday is next week so I just wanted to celebrate by giving you something..nothing big, but very useful.

-7 top sellers my beauty diary masks (black pearl, pearl powder, q10, aloe, red wine, bird's nest, nato)
-canmake melty nude lip in "02 creamy nude,"
-the elusive opi black shatter!

maxim magazine not included ahhahaa

to enter:
1. be a follower
2. leave me a comment telling me what your favorite nail polish is! :) along with your email address, and blog link (if you have one)
3. for an EXTRA entry you can tweet, mention on your blog or fb

this ends on may 4th, 2011!

thank you again! I love you, all! good luck!

p.s. like always all these items are brand new and bought with my own moolah :)


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Christine said...

my favorite at the moment is katy perry teenage dream..feels like i have princess nails!

i follow you on twitter~so i shall definitely tweet this! :)

p.s.-i don't have a blog but i do have facebook :)

Kalmo said...

Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway Giang. Happy early birthday. My favorite nail polish is Laura Mercier Caviar Dreams, gorgeous duochrome. My email is applegrace (at) gmail (dot) com. My blog is cambosoup.blogspot.com. Thanks again! It was so nice of you to buy stuff for your readers on YOUR birthday. ^^

London's-beauty said...

Happy birthday for next week.
ehh. I don't have many polishes and I don't know their names. Someone gave me this polish, I think the brand is 'mavala' and it's in peachy. It's pretty cute.

나니 said...

WOOH! Enter meee! I'm a long-time follower ; D

Name: Nani (or Line.. lol)
Email: geu.rae.seo[at]hotmail.com
Website: www.nancakes.org

My favorite polish has to be Essie Fill the Gao! It's so epic! Easy to apply.. I just put that on after my nail hardener and basecoat and then top it off with a topcoat - and it looks EXACTLY like I just got my nails done ; D Love it!

I did a sidebar post on my website : D www.nancakes.org (as posted ^) lol.
Thanks for the giveaway <3

Jacquelyn said...

My favorite nail polish is the China Glaze White Cap. Such a goregeous white gold color! My e-mail is fabdiva20@gmail.com. My blog is http://www.fabdiva20.com and going to tweet about this!

Nuku-Nuku said...


Happy birthday!! :DD
My favourite nail polish is Holografic from Catrice.

Mi nick is: nuku-nuku and my e-mail: kisicosas@gmail.com
I put here: http://peroquecosamasbonita.blogspot.com/2010/10/el-post-de-los-sorteos.html


miss D said...

Happy Early Birthday! :) Your blog is always fun to read hehe..

Currently my favorite is OPI bubble bath! It's a light pink and I think it's just so pretty & girly!

E-mail is lovemissd7@gmail.com


Donna ♥ Baby said...

oo thanks for the giveaawy :)

GFC: donna <3 baby
my favourite polish is mint by joe fresh!
donnadell.blogspot.com :)

sesshoumaru10 said...

Happy early bday babe :) Love following up on your blog, esp. with all the delicious looking food pictures! Haha

Anyways, love the giveaway! Email: Sesshoumaru10@hotmail.com and blog: swtcheekies.blogspot.com


Rena said...

My favorite nail polish would have to be the Green Ocean by Sinful Colors! I really need to do a NOTD!



<33 Rena

AlwaysAdira said...

Favorite nailpolish right now is Rimmel's Steel Gray.

Name: Patricia
Email: alwaysadira@gmail.com

will tweet this!

rhaindropz said...

my fave nail polish for all time is: CARONIA in PLUM ^_^

im a follower via GFC: rhaindropz
my blog: http://rhaichael.blogspot.com/
my email address: rescueta@gmail.com

happy birthday darling and i was so lucky to stamble upon your blog..

hugs and kisses

nit said...

my favorite nail polish is teenage dream! i love ite!!

e-mail: nitn21@gmail.com


Amyboo said...

My favorite nail polish is WetnWild in ebony hates chris.
GFC: Amyboo
Amy Trankiem
I also linked the giveaway to the sidebar of my blog www.amyboox.blogspot.com


glitteryeyesxx said...

I don't want to be entered in this giveaway, babe. (Since I've already been so incredibly lucky to have won your previous giveaway! :) I just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY birthday, Giang. You're so beautiful and kind, so I hope that all of your wishes come true as they may. You deserve nothing but the best! <33

mandy said...

Happy early birthday! ^__^

I'm a follower (mandy).
My favorite nail polish color is butter LONDON's branwen's feather :D
I mentioned about your giveaway in my sidebar:

Quinnie said...

-HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, Best luck to you ♥


Name: Quinnie ( Or Qui...hehe)
Email: nhox.kon_92@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/BabeQuinnie ( Sorry! I don't use blog. That is my facebook)
* Hiic Hiic I don't know why but I can't find your twitter and facebook >< So sorry about that :(

My favorite polish has to be Milani 3D Holographic Polish. Words cannot express how much I love this polish! It is my first holographic polish and I basically think it’s the coolest thing ever!

Thanks for the giveaway <3

my favorite pink said...

Yay, fun giveaway! =) Happy early birthday!

My fav nail polish color is Van D'Go by essie.
email: 145mzc@gmail.com

Shin Eun Ae said...

Advance Happy Birthday!
I'm a loyal follower of yours^^,
My favorite nail polish is from etude house and elianto i love their pastel and glittery nail polishes!

Email: krischias@yahoo.com
BLog: kawaiigothic18.blogspot.com

Thank u for the awesome giveaway!

MissKatv said...

My favorite nail polish is Etude House Petit Darling Nails in pk013

followed your blog and your twitter account and would tweet this also :)


MissKatv said...

oh I forgot to post me email add:

and advance happy birthday!

serii said...


my favorite nailpolish is orly "rage" because it is a color that can be worn year round! and it suits my skintone really well (surprising since i was never really a huge fan of rose gold).

my email is seriilove@gmail.com


Dianne said...

My favorite is Essie Secret Stash. All thanks to YOU. My email is dmgecale@gmail.com (which you already know, lol) and my blog is fashionista315.blogspot.com

So excited about your mini birthday giveaway. I can't believe it's almost your birthday already!!

Isabel said...

Happy birthday in advance!!

I'm following as Isabel.
My fav nail polish... I don't think I have ONE lol I have a drawer full of them. It's mostly unbranded but I guess I'll pick Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Pronto Purple (just got this ^_^).
Email : deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com
Blog : http://sugarcoatedmuffin.blogspot.com/

I mentioned this on my blog : http://sugarcoatedmuffin.blogspot.com/2011/04/april-giveaways.html


Iyah said...

My favorite is: Tickle Me Francey! *ayaleoncio@Gmail.com*

OMGGGG MAXIM!!! hahahah!!! I should subscribe!! It's a hot hottie magazine! lol! :P :P :P

You nailed it! said...

happy bday! :)

my favourite polish is nubar diamont. it is a topcoat but since i use it with every mani i can't do without it.

blog: you-nailed-it.blogspot.com
email: reneequekel at hotmail.com



Elaine said...

Hi! My fave polishes are from OPI and Rescue Beauty Lounge! I'm a fan of purple. I follow you as GFC Elaine.

Email: yeungelaine18@gmail.com
Blog URL: http://resplendentrainbows.blogspot.com/

Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

An Tran said...

happy bday love =)
my current favorite right now is China Glaze For Audrey


blog: www.meilovee.blogspot.com

thanks for having a giveaway =))

Codeine said...

nice blog :)
I like it

kangalie said...

my favorite nail polish of all time is OPI's Parlez vous OPI

kangalie said...

oooh i forgot to put in the email address in my previous comment. T___T" khn519@gmail.com :)

Lulu said...

yayy happy early birthday, birthday girl :) how sweet of you to do a giveaway for your bday <3 my heart melted when I saw the melty nude lippie, so pretty!(haha yea i know i'm cheesy :p)

I am your follower (course!:p), and my favorite nail polish is ELF Champaign, so inexpensive, but just the perfect shade that compliments my skintone and perfect for work!

I am going to tweet your giveaway :)

email: luluchinadoll at gmail dot com
blog: luluchinadoll.blogspot.com


Angelique said...

awww you're such a sweetheart for this giveaway :D

I'm a follower of yours via GFC.

Currently my fave nail polish is Orly- Ancient Jade!

email: angeliquepq@gmail.com
blog: http://angxo.blogspot.com

I posted about your blog here:

Your giveaway is also posted on my sidebar :D

marika said...

hi!!! i follow you with dialvite (on gfc) and my mail is : marika.mestoura@free.fr
and my favourite polish is teenage dream!! thanks for this GA:)

-mztoots- said...

yayy thanks for hosting this giveaway and happy happy birthday hope you have a great one full of nail polish and foodies <33

My favourite nail polish is Ruby Pumps by China Glaze =)


Reous said...

that's an AWESOME giveaway.. I am a follower, I've tweeted this giveaway, and I dont have favorite nail polishes I just love everything pastel or neon color such as green and yellow..

e-mail: argiroula_@live.com
blog: justreous.blogspot.com

LA_BELLEZA23 said...

My favorite nail polish is essie topless & barefoot.
I blogged about the giveaway:http://labelleza23.blogspot.com/2011/04/xgiangerblogspotcom-giveaway.html

my email is Infallible86@aol.com

Katie Abshier said...

My favorite nail polish right now would have to be China Glaze Gamer Glam.

Katie Abshier

bbyxjax said...

happpy birthday :]

i cant even pick one favorite nail polish.. but my top three are.. ChG shower together.. essie wicked... and opi mod about you! :D

vivien said...

Aww what a sweet giveaway! It should be the other way around since it's YOUR birrthday!

My favorite all time nail polish color is China Glaze's Refresh Mint. The mint color is absolutely gorgeous and it's been love at first [swatch] site!

My email is viviensayz @ gmail.com
and my blog is www.viviensayz.com!

Oh and also, I read your blog post awhile ago about the Milani Eye Tech Eyeliner and it is absolutely LOVE! It's become my all time favorite now! Thanks for the recommendation!


elleovely said...

Thanks for hosting a giveaway!! :) My fav. polish has got to be Revlon's Stormy. It's a purple-undertoned version of Chanel's particulere!

My email is elleovely(at)gmail (dot) com

angighita said...

Hi, lovely giveaway!
My GFC: Angi
E-mail: angighita@gmail.com

Happy birthday!!!

Fruity Lashes said...

for now my favorite polish is the new chanel summer shade mimosa. love the bright shimmering yellow.

my email is fruitylashes(at)gmail.com
blog addy http://www.fruitylashes.com

Clau said...


Happy birthday!! :D
My favourite nail polish is the new essence pastel colors. I'm in love for it.

Mi nick is: Claudia Mendonça
my e-mail: rufigirl@gmail.com
I put here:


heartbreaker said...

My favorite nail polish atm gotta be skin food nail vita!


cheirotalco said...

I love Chanel`s Particuliére...!

Steph said...


1. i'm a follower =]
2. fave nail polish atm : The Make Up Store - Beetle, such a pretty shade of green!!!
3. i've posted on the sidebar of my blog and tweeted

twitter: ssushoo

Kat said...

Happy birthday to you :)

I'm a GFC follower
and my favo nail polish is ESSIE cantaloupe, you'll love this if you love pink!

katch05 at gmail dot com

vernz_08 said...

Happy birthday in advance (=

Follower id: vernss

My favorite nail polish will be from etude house and rimel (=

Email add: vernie_88@hotmail.com

BLog: http://vernss.blogspot.com

Tweet at: http://twitter.com/#!/vernss/status/61780046116958209

maria_pb13 said...

My favorite nail polish is Katy Perry
My email is maria_pb13@hotmail.com


Deborah said...

Favorite nail polish: China Glaze Light as air and For Audrey. I also like revlon's minted D: SORRY I CAN'T decide!
Email: Deborahhu@hotmail.com
My blog is : http://debdosage.blogspot.com/

Tras el Secreto de Venus said...

Please enter me!!

I have no one favorite. I like them all.

I follow you on GFC as Psique7
Email: tras.el.secreto.de.venus@gmail.com
Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/SecretodeVenus/status/62167550674481152

Thank you!!

xLeafClover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xLeafClover said...

Amazing giveaway :)

My favorite nail polish is OPI- Done out in deco.

Email: pinkcandy_roxy[AT]yahoo.ca
blog: http://xleafclover.blogspot.com/

Thank you :D

~Lisa said...

Wow! Thanks for this giveaway!
LOL @ your Maxim comment ;)

My fav nail polish at the moment is Essie in Demure Vixen.



libbeh said...

Happy birthday Giang! Seems like you had a great celebration w/ your friends & loved ones.

My favorite polishes are OPI, and they will always be "Bubble Bath" (the old formula), "Sweetheart", and "The Thrill of Brazil".

I posted your giveaway on my blog's sidebar.


dreamer said...

I love holographic nail polishes, have not try them though.

gfc: quinieleong

ann said...

hi! my favorite nail polish is china glaze shocking pink. -Ann

kaderkismet said...

wish you a big and verrry happy birthday

im already a follower with GFC kaderkismet

my email is sedarkan@gmail.com

and my all time fav is chainaz glaze for audrey.. such a great color for me!

Christine said...

oops i forgot my email address: look at my first comment! lol


Mandy said...

Awww what a sweet giveaway! My current favorite polish is Rise and Shine by Sinful Colors.

Name: Mandy
email: mandyparkvierling (at) gmail (dot) com.

thrifty bride said...

thank you for the giveaway. have a fab bday<3
fave: zoya shaun
email: pnaixsweetie@yahoo.com

My LanE oF LiFe? said...

Love the giveaway..

My fave nail poish is from skin food. Not sure about the name, but it's in pink !

Email : mlaicheng@hotmail.com

Thank you !

szkjan said...

hey enter me:)
i love all the OPI nail colors :))
GFC: szkjan
email: szkjan@hotmail.com
tweeted here:http://twitter.com/#!/szkjan/status/63320595768684544


Kira said...

Lovely giveaway :)

I loooove Essie's Mint Candy Apple!

Have a nice weekend!



hueleacoco said...

Hi! enter me, please

I like all the OPI nail colors
GFC: hueleacoco
email: hueleacoco(@)hotmail.com
tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/ococaeleuh/status/64713361312591873


Jessica said...

My favourite is KIKO nail polish ** I love the colors **
GFC Name: Jex
Email: jexkitty@hotmail.it
Thanks ^^

angelamhiere said...

Happy bda, Giang! ^__^

I’m a follower! ^__^
GFC: Angelamhiere

I am not much a nail polish girl but there is one The Face Shop nail polish in pearl pink shade that I love using.
E-mail: sweetloveangel_1908@yahoo.com

Twitter: Angelamhiere
Twitter post: http://twitter.com/#!/angelamhiere/status/64965687768137728

Amelia said...

thankyou for entering me!

happy birthday by the way: mine is up and coming: May 10th!

my favourite polish of all time has to be China Glaze's Peachy keen. LOVE. but a good dupe is Peach Melba by Barry M.. also lovely and gorgeousssssshhh

my email is babydollamy@hotmail.co.uk

the prizes look immense!