Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy birthday, duc cao!

tonight was my boyfriend's younger brother's 26th birthday and we all went to eat at his favorite mexican restaurant "mariscos perlas del mar" and it was yummy! EXCELLENT service and delicious mexican, home style dishes!

duc, i know you read my blog for make up and nail polish i want to wish you happy birthday again!!! hope you have an amazing year filled with luck and happiness! and i am so glad you are hieu's brother and hopefully my official brother one day :)

if i were you duc, i'd prepare my liver for what is to come this weekend!!! V...S..O...P!!


random thought: can katy perry OPI arrive soooon pleassseee? i'm getting impatient thinking about it..hopefully in two weeks so i can nail post it and do my giveawayyyyyy


Iyah said...

Happy Bday to him!! although haven't met him in RL yet! hahaha :P oh, the man at imperial (i always forget his name >_<) said that they should be coming in like 30th or 31st?? OMG I hope so!! it needs to come soon already!!! I gotta call him & reserve 2 more black shatter! ahhhhh!!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I want his cake!

Fun Size said...

Happy birthday to Duc :) As always, you look so cute in your pics.

On another note, those tacos look yummyyyyyyyy :P

KiLLaCaM said...

OMG. That cake just made me hella hungry!!!! Happy birthday brother in law! heheheehe.

Steph said...

happy bday to your bf's bro =D

yum food =D lol

Sarah said...

what a yummy looking cake :D i'm sure he'll be your official younger bro soon!